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Bloggers Affiliate Marketing is a great way of Online Moneymaking if you know how to write interesting and valuable for readers articles. Not everyone want’s to earn money on blogs, but those who have this goal should follow few crucial steps to gain profit and not to harm the content quality.


So, how does the Site monetization look like in this case? Well, the idea is to work with Affiliate Programs that suit your blog best. You promote products and services for advertisers and receive money as commissions in reward.


You can cooperate with them using different models like Cost per action or CPA, CPL, CPC. It all depends on the program and the things you’re paid for. You can get income from sales, delivering leads to advertisers and for clicks, of course. If you are among bloggers who want to earn money on this basis, you should definitely take into consideration the following tips.



Bloggers Affiliate Marketing: what to promote?

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The first thing you should do is to understand what your readers require. If they visit your blog, they like what you’re writing about. That’s the key to Bloggers Affiliate Marketing success. Promote products, which are related to the topic of your articles.


Lets presume you write about gadgets. In this case you should choose some product affiliate program. The scheme works in the following way: you write about any gadget that you’re going to promote. If you deliver a truthful and valuable info to your visitors, they’ll know what to expect from this product. People always prefer to buy things they’re familiar with, but not something vague.


It’s also OK for Bloggers Affiliate Marketing to try something new. But even in this case you should create a background first and then try to promote products. First you write, then you sell – it works only in this order.


Use ads wisely

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It’s tempting to set as many ads as possible, but this won’t bring you more profit. Actually, it may have a harmful effect not only on your income, but on blog itself. If your visitors see tons of ads, the first thing they think of is that all you’re doing here is trying to make money.


This means they won’t trust any word you’ve written. Bloggers Affiliate Marketing doesn’t work this way. You should use ads wisely to make the visitors click on them.


Reviews and user experience


It’s not enough just to place ads somewhere to Monetize the site successfully. Information is a key to earn money on your blog. In terms of this, it would be a great idea to use product reviews in order to stimulate the visitors’ interest, especially when you work with CPA Traffic.


This will provide your audience with the info about benefits they’ll get from the thing you’ll promote. After reading the review they’ll consider the product as something that is valuable for them and more likely click on ad and buy the product in the end.


Another tip how to make high profits on Bloggers Affiliate Marketing is to share personal user experience. You can present it like the additional part of review. All that will significantly increase the level of trust from your audience. In turn, there will be more chances they’ll buy products, which you promote.


The most simple and effective tool to monetize your blog is native ads advertising. I recommend you to use ADNOW – on pay per click mode.

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