How to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads

How to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and what are the alternative ad formats? This is what every affiliate asks when he thinks of using them in his campaign.

Well, there are many advantages the format has. It gives you a full-page ad that’s not intrusive, which is great to hook the visitors and make them click. Also, they’re not suffering from banner blindness in the way banner ads do.

Why should you use mobile popunder ads?

Still, popunders have several competitors. If you want to know how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads with affiliate programs, you should learn about them too. Among these competitors you’ll find Pop-Ups. They also better cope with banner blindness than other ad formats and give you a full-page area to create a perfect ad.

They only became more effective when the mobile sphere started to dominate in marketing. It’s almost impossible to ignore them on mobile devices. With a good ranking of mobile friendly-websites by google, it all can deliver you really high earnings.

Trying to find out how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads or on Pop-Ups, you should definitely know that Google is going to crack down such ads. It will happen if they’ll harmfully affect the user experience. What does it mean?

Well, it’s about blocking the main content of the website first of all. If the add does this, it’ll probably be in the Google’s blacklist. Does it mean it’ll be impossible to use them? The answer is no. You just have to change the approach to the issue.

How to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and Pop-Ups?

There are some tips how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and other ones even with new Google algorithm. If you want to continue using the mentioned ad types, you have to consider the following:

1. If your advertisement blocks the main content, you won’t reach any success in this sphere, especially if we are talking about mobile devices. There are many sites where ads appear just after you’ve seen the main page. In most cases people leave such sites immediately. It also annoys users a lot, so they won’t visit the site again in 99% of cases.

So, how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and Pop-Ups in such situation? The answer is to give users a possibility to look through the content first. If they’re interested in it, they’ll respond better to the ads you’ll show after some time. The best variant is when they appear at the end of the article or blog post, when the visitors are more likely to click.

2. The second option is to use ad creatives, which do not occupy much space. The main content should be easily visible under them. That’s another tip how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and similar ad types. They might occupy a quarter of the screen and be placed on the upper side, for example.

How to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and Pop-Ups: using alternative approaches

The mentioned ad formats are not always best to promote the offer directly. Instead of this, you can use them to persuade the visitors to install an app, download some content or subscribe to email. It all will keep them within your sales funnel on paid traffic arbitrage, which makes these visitors more willing to respond to your future ads.

This tip will tell you how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and Pop-Ups by using indirect approach. Actually, this way you can get significantly more conversions than you can receive using a standard method. The statistics shows you can get up to 13 times better results in terms of email subscription, which gives you tons of potential customers.

Talking about direct advertising using mentioned ad types, it’s a very bad idea to direct the visitors to the cart via them. That’s not the way how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and Pop-Ups. Your CTR might be good, but the conversion rate will be close to zero in most cases.

As it was mentioned earlier, it’s better to engage visitors and then use other methods to make them convert. This approach will definitely make you good money, if you’ll use it in a right way.

How to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and Pop-Ups: try in-app advertising

The main problem that Google algorithm brings to affiliates is bad ranking of the website. Instead of trying to understand how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and other ad formats on the site, you can just change the area where you promote offers. A perfect place for this will be mobile apps sphere.

It’s still common here to use full-screen advertisements and it is not considered as something extraordinary. Everything is simple here: no Google algorithm means no problems.

Again, it’s not a good idea to direct users to cart via these ads, even in this marketing area. Better apply them to promoting eCommerce, your own mobile apps etc. The last tip how to earn money on Mobile Popunder Ads and Pop-Ups is to always create some intermediary level. When the users will pass it, they’ll be directed to the cart, ready to make a purchase.

If we sum up all the mentioned tips, there are a couple of essential things you should take into consideration.

First, full-screen advertisements that block the main content will never work good, cause they’re too intrusive and the visitors often leave when see them.

Second, direct offer promoting using Popunder ads and Pop-Ups is not always the best choice. At last, don’t send the visitors to the cart using mentioned advertisements. Use them only as an intermediary level.

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