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Mobile Traffic Advertising is a fast-developing marketing sphere, which promises high profits in the long-term perspective. The more people use mobile technologies in their every-day life, the more business potential it’ll have.

Think of how much time do people spend with their smartphones. They almost never leave them. In terms of Traffic Arbitrage, it’s an infinite source of potential conversions. With it’s ever-growing volumes and ultimate business opportunities, it’s a perfect field for all the affiliates to set up their Mobile Traffic Advertising campaigns.

If we say it in a plain language, all this is about showing ads on users’ mobile devices. They’re specially made for small screens to look relevant in a such limited space.

Ads are shown according to the visitors’ GEO, search history and web habits, which makes it way easier to deliver something they’ll be interested in. The other criterion that is used is demographics. Networks are able to serve the best products by recognizing the users’ profiles.

Mobile Traffic Advertising offers you various ways to hook the users. They’re in-app ads, banners for mobile websites and games, SMS advertising etc. The other tools you can use to promote in the mobile sphere are MMS, video ads, sponsored apps and plenty of different web ads.

As you can see, you have real freedom of choice here. Now, let’s look a bit closer on ads types that are most commonly used.

Ads types you can use for Mobile Traffic Advertising

Here we have 5 groups. Each of them stands for one type, which has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of Traffic Arbitrage.

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Native ads

This is one of the most effective ads types. Its biggest advantage is that everything you promote looks like a natural part of the app or mobile website. These ads are relevant to the content, so most users just don’t understand that the things you show are advertisements.

Native ads are a great tool for Mobile Traffic Advertising. They’re not disturbing, they don’t occupy large spaces on the screen and they are generally user-friendly. If you work with CPA Networks, it’s the best tool to sell anything you promote. Such a soft approach makes people trust you.

Interstitial ads

It is something quite opposite to native ads in terms of user-friendliness. These ones cover the whole app screen or entire website page. They might be really annoying.

Still, there is a way to lower the negative effect from interrupting the visitors and make them really useful for Mobile Traffic Advertising. The ads should be shown when they change pages or between games. The loading period is also a good choice. One more thing to increase the effectiveness is a good CTA.

Interstitial ads are good to better brand recognition and recall. They may have different sizes from 320×480 to 300×250. These ads also have one more advantage: you can place a lot of useful info in them (due to their size).


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This type is the one that all possible Affiliate Programs will offer you. Being the most popular ads format in Mobile Traffic Advertising, it’s also the most ineffective. Yes, it can deliver the info you want to a huge audience, but banner blindness makes most users not to notice the things you show them.

If you’ve still chosen this type, there is a way to increase its effectiveness. First, a strong CTA is an essential thing here. Second, the inner info should be really important. Banners are the most effective during the early period of app usage or website browsing, when they’re new and interesting for the audience.

In Mobile Traffic Advertising banners also serve as a tool to increase brand recognition. In terms of this, it’s much easier to promote popular ones. New brands are unfamiliar to most visitors, which means you have to add tons of info to the banner. This makes it too saturated.


It is a very effective ads type, which is perfect to promote mobile games and popular brands. However, a decent budget is something you’ll definitely need to use such Mobile Traffic Advertising format. Videos can be shown when the user loads an app or a site, during the process of gaming or browsing (it’s crucial not to interrupt the visitors too much).

Most videos last up to 30 seconds. Users have to activate them by the special button, if they’re not played automatically, of course. There is also a button to stop or close it.

So, it’s really important to make people turn on the video by using some catchy elements. Video ads is a very expensive type of Mobile Traffic Advertising, but it really delivers decent results.

Rich Media

This ads type is one of the best choices for affiliates. Still, it requires a high level of creativity. Such ads are able to easily hook the visitors. They’re very interactive and fun.

With all these advantages, the mentioned ads format has the ability to deliver high CTR level and a lot of conversions. It’s probably the best choice, in case you promote for CPA Networks.

Why is Mobile Traffic Advertising so lucrative?

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Mobile advertising is incredibly popular these days. Moreover, it’s showing a constant growth. There is a couple of reasons why it is so lucrative for business. Let’s find out what makes it so popular:

1. You have constant access to you potential customers. Mobile devices are always close to us, whether it is in the pocket, on the office table, near the bed or even in the bath. That gives you almost ultimate abilities for Mobile Traffic Advertising. Your ad will reach the users, no matter who they’re, what they’re doing or where they’re now.

2. It gives you all privileges of personal approach. Mobile ads, if they’re shown based on user’s preferences, are not annoying and help to build good relationships between you and your customers. It all results in higher trust level and better sales in the end.

3. Unlike desktops, mobile devices are always on. This fact gives you a huge space for developing your Mobile Traffic Advertising Affiliate campaign. The users will see your ads almost without delays. Time really matters when you promote various goods and services.

4. You are able to create a list of customers to target them in the future. If they clicked once, they’ll definitely do it again. You just have to heat up their interest. Offer them something special, present discounts etc. All that leads to brand loyalty and high trust level, which is one of the biggest benefits of Mobile Traffic Advertising.

5. It’s way cheaper to invest in mobile ads than in desktop ones. In fact, you receive bigger potential audience with lower budget. Also, it’s a great way to test various approaches to campaign development, before you move to the next level.

Which ads sizes you can use?

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The size of an ad mostly depends on its type. If we take native ones, there are no strict parameters. The only thing important for them is to be natural and relevant to the website content or the game’s ecosystem. It all means their shape may vary from small button-like elements to the big structures that cover half of the screen.

Banners are very standardized ads. Whether you use special constructing tools or just take the ones offered by Affiliate Programs, in mobile sphere they can have the following sizes: 320×150, 320×50 or 300×50.

Now let’s move to interstitial ads. They cover the whole screen, so they have a big size. The formats are the following: 320×480, 300×400, 320×250 and 300×250. As for rich media and videos, the have the same choice of sizes. Still, they are interactive and dynamic, which makes them more engaging.

What to choose for your Mobile Traffic Advertising campaign?

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So, what is the best choice for your campaigns? Well, it’ll be wise to select the right variant considering your budget, advertising goals and relevance. Let’s start with native ads.

They offer you a high possible CTR and user-friendliness. They’re not annoying and don’t interrupt the users. If we talk about banners, they’re good for affiliates with low budget. This ads type main purpose is to make the users know about the things you promote.

Rich media is a very effective ads format. It provides high level of engagement and interaction, which easily hooks the visitors. All it leads to high conversion rate. However, rich media eds require a very high budget. As for videos, they’re a great tool to gab the users’ attention.

Videos are great to promote brands, but they’re also very expensive. The last ads type here is interstitial ones. They can offer a high engagement level, however, they’re very disturbing for the users.

Why mobile advertising?

Mobile sphere is one of the most promising business areas, if we talk about affiliate marketing and online moneymaking in general. It provides you with a huge and fast-growing audience, a high level of access to the users and various ads types.

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