How to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2021

How to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2022? What are the most important things to care about? Are there any effective approaches to get right traffic for your campaigns on Affiliate Programs? You’ve definitely asked yourself these questions if you’re trying to earn some money online as a marketer.

Research and testing is everything you need, no matter what niche you’re going to work with. It’ll help you find good traffic sources that will perfectly suit your campaigns.

If you want to know how to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2022, you should apply your efforts to gather as much info as possible about the places you’ll buy traffic. Not all of them are able to deliver quality traffic, so it’s really an essential thing.

Some tips how to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2021

There is a couple of tips you should take into consideration here. First, it’s a very bad idea to spend all the money you have on traffic before testing. That’s not the best way how to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2021.

It’s very possible that the source you’ve chosen will deliver high volumes and good-quality traffic in certain conditions, but the situation will change when the conditions are different. In this case you’ll lose money and traffic, which is not the best thing to happen. So, it will be wise to work a couple of days on low budget and only then buy all the traffic you need.

The second important thing here is to have any guarantee about the volumes you’ll receive. You can use these traffic sources:

  • – adult
  • – adult and mainstream, push notifications
  • – adult
  • – adult and mainstream, you can buy Facebook traffic here too
  • – push notifications adult and mainstream
  • – push notifications – adult and mainstream

This tip how to make money from paid traffic arbitrage in 2022 will save you from unexpected situations when the volumes decline significantly. There should also be some penalties for such cases in the agreement, which will help you not to lose your money.

The third point of the list is full statistics. It’ll help you understand how good the source is and is it worth to work with. Then come ad creatives. Apply maximum efforts to make them unique and catchy.

If you’re wondering how to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2022, this is one of the most important things to start with. At last, it would be a great idea to find some info about traffic sources in the Web before paying them money.

The power of testing

affiliate programs

Collecting data and testing is something you should do before you launch an online Affiliate Marketing campaign and all the time it works. It’ll help you make right decisions, which are based on the data you receive.

So, what are the essential steps that will tell you how to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2021? The first one is to choose a vertical you’re most experienced in. Then it’s time to select GEOs and right offers from CPA Networks.

Pick several that will deliver the best possible results.

You can use such criteria for this:

1. Competition level. If it’s too strong, it’ll be very difficult to reach success in the chosen GEOs.

2. Traffic types available. Make sure you can get what you need.

3. GEOs should be able to serve decent volumes for your affiliate campaign.

4. EPC level is also something to take into consideration if you want to know how to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2022.

5. The ability to bring you profit. If your GEOs in a certain vertical has no potential for money making, don’t work with them at all.

The next step is to test your landing pages and ad creatives. It’s an essential thing, no matter you use your own ones or take what networks provide you with.

This way you’ll find out which landing pages and ads perform well and which of them should be changed. Another thing you’d better test is your offers. Run A/B testing to understand how to match your traffic and offers in the best way possible.

You can use also tracking services for webmasters to analyze and improve your profit.

The last step on your way how to make money from traffic arbitrage in 2022 is to collect and analyze all the data you have. Build your affiliate campaign on this basis, ask your affiliate manager for advice, if necessary. And don’t stop testing, this is the only way to get the highest revenue possible.

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