Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications


Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications is a very promising way to make money online as a marketer. All you need is to find a good Affiliate Program with high payouts, helpful tools, lucrative offers and a big variety of targeting options. The one called RealPush definitely falls under the mentioned criteria.


This affiliate program is probably the best possible place to make money on Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications. So, let’s make a quick review to find out why it is so good and what benefits does it deliver.



How can you earn money on Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications?

affiliate program

The main idea here is to get a number of subscribers, who are ready to receive such notifications. If this step is OK, you’ll start getting profit. Every time the user clicks on such notification (which includes an ad, of course) you’ll receive a certain reward.


Push Notifications Traffic Arbitrage may deliver you really high profits, cause it gives you a source of regular income for every subscriber. This is a perfect way to monetize your traffic, so don’t miss a chance to do that.


Making money on Push Notifications with RealPush


The first thing to do after you’ve registered is to add your website, which you’re going to use for making money online. Then you have to set the number of notifications that will be shown per day. To get the best possible results from Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications, it’ll be wise to choose 1 or 2.


If you set bigger numbers, you’ll be too intrusive and you’ll definitely lose a lot of subscribers. As soon as your website is approved, you can add the appropriate code.


affiliate program

affiliate program

RealPush affiliate program gives you a lot of helpful tools to use and start affiliate campaign. Here are some of them:


  1. You can send traffic from pop-under to the landing page using direct linking.


  1. It has a big variety of GEOs for Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications.


  1. Postback is available, so you’ll get full info about all conversions.


  1. RealPush has its own effective tracking tool. You can ask the support team to help you with appropriate settings, if it’s required.


A few words about GEOs


There are Several countries, which will be the best choice for this Affiliate Marketing niche. If we talk about top-level GEOs, they’re the US, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium etc. As for tier 2 countries for Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications, it’ll be good to work with Portugal, Cyprus, South Africa etc. At last, the most profitable tier 3 GEOs are Vietnam, Qatar, Indonesia and the Philippines.

affiliate program

Different GEOs deliver different profit level. If you work with paid traffic and European countries, you’ll probably reach break even point in the period from 5 days to 2 weeks. It all depends on how much do you pay to get potential customers for Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications.


Payout terms and conditions


If you work with RealPush, you’ll be able to withdraw money once a week. The minimum sum is $50 here. Use Wire Transfer, Webmoney, BTC, Epayments or PayPal to get your money.


That’s everything you should know about the program. So, don’t hesitate to start earning on Traffic Arbitrage with Push Notifications, cause RealPush is probably the best possible choice in the niche.

UPD 26/04/2022 .Don’t recommend it…

The list of affiliate programs where you can buy push notifications for paid traffic arbitrage in 2022.


Push notifications, In-page pushes, iOS calendar.

Min dep – 100$

Paxum, Visa, MasterCard, Payoneer, Wire USD, Wire EUR, Capitalist, Webmoney.


Push notifications, In-Page pushes.

Webmoney, Paxum, Paypal, Capitalist, Voucher, Crypto.

Min dep – 50$

Bonus 10% from me for my referrals with code KPNOV10 for the 1-st dep 100$


Push notifications, In-Page pushes.

Min dep – 50$

Webmoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT, Visa, MasterCard, Capitalist.


Push notifications, In-page pushes.

Min dep – 100$

ALL existing payments systems…


Push notifications.

Min dep – 50$

Webmoney, Paxum, Wire transfer, Bitcoin, Tether USDT (ERC20, TRC20), Paypal, Epayservice, Visa, MasterCard.

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