Traffic Arbitrage: EPC – how to use it

Traffic Arbitrage EPC is a highly-important metric, which is used by many affiliates to evaluate the offer’s performance. The term EPC stands for Earnings per Click.

It shows you how much you’re able to earn each time the visitor clicks on your ad creatives. Just divide the earnings by the number of clicks you’ve received and you’ll get your EPC.

Affiliates often use this metric to choose the best offer, considering Traffic Arbitrage EPC as a trustworthy one. However, everything can be quite different under certain circumstances.

Traffic Arbitrage EPC: how to avoid fraud and misinterpretation?

If we talk about various indexes, it’s important not only how you calculate them, but also how you display the results. A lot of affiliates search for offers with the best EPC, so some CPA Networks show bigger numbers than it really is. How it happens? They just display the metric, which is based on 100 clicks, but on the one.

Traffic Arbitrage EPC in this case is way higher. This method is able to mislead a lot of affiliates, so don’t be one of them and check the data you have. It will save you from choosing low-performing offers, which deliver little earnings.

The fact is that you can be deceived even on the index calculation stage. This is all about what clicks to use for calculation. The first approach is to use the total amount of clicks. In this case Traffic Arbitrage EPC will be highly inflated. It happens because one user may click several times.

To get the actual EPC, you should use only unique clicks to calculate the index. Taking it all into consideration, you should always check what data has been used to calculate the metric, otherwise there is a risk of a bad offer choice.

Traffic Arbitrage EPC: from theory to practice

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To understand when the metric is really important and when Traffic Arbitrage EPC doesn’t show the whole picture, let’s take three offers with the following characteristics:

If we judge the offers only by EPC level, the second one seems to be the best. Still, there are two other metrics you should take into consideration. The first one is Click-through rate or CTR. It shows you how many visitors clicked on your ads, comparing to the total number of impressions.

The second is eCPM. Unlike Traffic Arbitrage EPC, it shows how much you can earn on one thousand of impressions. The abbreviation eCPM stands for Earning per thousand impression.

This is a super-important metric, which is calculated in the following way: first you divide your earnings by the number of impressions. Then you should multiply the resulting number by 1000.

Every affiliate wants to make a lot of money on Affiliate Programs, which is possible when you choose offers with the best possible performance. In terms of this, EPC is not the only and definitely not the main metric to take into consideration.

. All it is a great example of how important other metrics are. Don’t concentrate only on EPC. This way there is a high chance you’ll miss a lot of money. You’d better focus on a product that attracts bigger part of traffic you have.

If we sum up all the aforesaid, it’s a very bad idea to consider EPC as a main metric that shows the offer’s performances. There are other ones that matter even more. Remember that the right choice is your way to higher earnings.

The other important thing is to consider how networks display all the essential metrics. You know now that there is a place for fraud here, so be careful and check the data you’re being shown.


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