How to make money on adult traffic from China, India, Brazil with the webcam affiliate program Stripcash

Stripcash video chat affiliate program extends its capabilities to China, India and Brazil, offering the same stable fix payouts to webmasters on revshare 20%.

They are introducing local payment systems and a large number of webcam models according to the specified geography for this purpose. So for the last few months the number of first sales at affiliate program from new clients increased by 8, 3 and 2 times accordingly.

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So what is the situation in each of these three countries.


– Almost 100 Chinese models are represented in the thematic section;

– In November 2021 support for local payment systems was launched.

Due to this, the number of people who made the first purchase increased 8 times in 4 months.


– Over 100 Indian models are steadily online;

– Major local payment systems.

The number of sales increased 3 times.


The market is absolutely new for Stripcash video chat affiliate program.

– 20-30 models are stably online;

– Consistent connection of local payments.

That is why at the very start there is already a double growth of sales.

Localization remains the main priority of the Stripcash video chat affiliate program, so in the near future we can expect the connection of new markets.

The mentioned countries are always different in terms of internet earning, and with new options for adult traffic monetization the profit is improving. The systematic development in these regions, as well as in other promising areas, continues. First of all it is about localization in local markets.

Since the main solvent audience is concentrated in tier 1 countries, the whole focus of webmasters is directed there, which is reasonable. But this is if we are talking about buying arbitrage traffic, and when the flow comes from their own sites, then such countries are only to be poured into smartlink affiliate programs.

For example:

In the Stripcash video chat affiliate program, you can merge your traffic via a direct link or banners with widgets.

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Or you can launch and develop your own site through White Label, using the Stripcash webcam platform.

There are currently 3 destinations available for White Label webcams:

– Mainstream,

– Gay,

– Shemales.

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The minimum amount to be paid is $100.

Payment systems – Paxum, Wire, Bitcoin, Check, ACH, Ethereum, Tether USDT TRC20.

Payments are made 2 times a month.

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