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To say that Australia is a country that loves its sports would be an understatement. Many people think that Australia is completely obsessed with sports. At the same time, you can make the same generalization about many countries, and Australia is at the forefront of love and enthusiasm for sports.

Australia’s passion for sport and ability to bring people of different backgrounds and cultures together is evidenced by the large number of people who enjoy playing sports, attending sporting events of all sizes and watching sporting events on television (both domestic and foreign).

Australia is an amazing country, drawing visitors from all over the globe. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype about Australians that they are not particularly friendly.

This is only partly true, the locals just madly in love with their nature and maintain perfect purity. So they just protect their land from those visitors, who are trying to litter and disturb their peace.

But most of the guests, who came exclusively to contemplate with them this beauty, they are very fond of. You can easily get in touch with them and have a good time, for instance by learning some of Australia’s most popular sports, of which there are quite a few.


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Cricket is recognized as a national sport in Australia for a reason; it’s been around for 200 years and everyone in every state is playing it. Many remain at an amateur level, but there are plenty of professional cricketers in Oz.

The Australian national cricket team is now the world leader, having not lost a World Cup since 1999 – a phenomenal result!

And the girls are not far behind in this unusual sport. The Australian women’s team are five times world cricket champions – the all-time record.


This kind of “kickball” is even named after this wonderful country and causes genuine interest, as it is almost the most dynamic sport in the world. 

Australian Football League (AFL) is the biggest sport federation in the country and these games attract millions of fans from all over the world.

Generally understood the principles of Australian soccer is not easy, because it combines several sports (rugby, soccer and basketball), and in some skirmishes even elements of fights without rules, although some restrictions still exist.

But physical wrestling is a staple of Australian soccer and it always brings out the emotions and adrenaline in fans, never letting go for a moment.


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Rugby Australia is the national team representing Australia and the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) in international rugby matches and competitions. It is one of the world’s strongest rugby teams.

Colors are yellow and green, nickname is “Wallabies”. The nickname “Wallabies” was coined during the first tour of Great Britain and North America by the Australians in 1908. At that time New Zealand had just finished their series against the British teams and the English newspapers called the New Zealand team “All Blacks” for their black uniforms. Needless to say, the British newspapers decided to award some nickname to the Australians as well.

One of the options for the name of the Australian team was the name “rabbits”. But here the Aussies themselves resisted. What rabbits? They were miserable little rodents and pests, which made the whole Australia howl. In the end, they opted for kangaroos, wallabies.

These small marsupials with long fluffy tails live in the forests of the continent and are no bigger than that rabbit. However, as you understand, Australian rugby players do not resemble these cute creatures, which, incidentally, have a very combative and aggressive nature.

Most of Australia’s rugby union clubs now have professional status. The main competition for Australian teams is clearly the Super 14, a tournament featuring some of the major clubs in the southern hemisphere. The Reds (Queensland), Waratahs (New South Wales), Brambles (Capital Territory) and Fors (Western Australia) represent Australia in the Super-14.

Appears in the annual tournament The Rugby Championship (formerly the Three Nations Cup), held by SANZAR organization that unites rugby unions of Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and, since 2012, Argentina.

Australia has participated in all seven past Rugby World Cups.

Winner of the Rugby World Cup – 2 times (1991, 1999).

Rugby World Cup finalist – once (2003).


From the toughest to the most relaxed. Golf is the exact opposite of Australian soccer in temperament and tempo. It’s an extremely measured game where the aim is to get the ball in the hole with the club in as few strokes as possible.

Golf courses are plentiful in Australia, which is why they are played here frequently. And this is due in part to the fact that Australia is the flattest continent on the globe, and this particular detail plays a huge role, it was a prerequisite for the spread of golf throughout its territory.

The oldest golf course is on the island of Tasmania which dates back to 1839.


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This is, of course, not Australia’s national sport and its popularity is waning, but it’s still played here with enviable regularity.

Very few Australians are good at baseball, and those who are, go on to the next level and play in the U.S. or Japan, notable examples are Brad Harman of the Philadelphia Phillies and Justin Guber of the San Diego Padres.


Surfing, water-skiing, ski jumping…Australia has a lot of sports related to water in one way or another, and it’s a great lure for tourists. For locals the excitement about them is still lower, as it is a commonplace, the sea is almost always at your fingertips.

Nevertheless, it’s a shame not to take advantage of the great conditions for the same surfing that the Australian coastline has to offer.


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Although sports betting and betting affiliate programs are not considered to be gambling, it can cause the emergence and development of gambling addiction. The point is that they still have a gambling component.

The desire to make winning bets on sports can be much stronger than the desire to have fun and test your ability to predict matches.

According to estimates of the company Income and Labor Dynamics, which organized a large-scale survey of gamblers in Australia, about 200 thousand people suffer from addiction to gambling.

True, as noted by many sports analysts, the reasons that caused it, may be different. Not only sports betting can, under certain conditions, negatively affect the human psyche, causing addiction. The risk comes from lotteries, online casinos, poker, bingo, in short, from all gambling activities.

Interestingly, women suffer from addiction noticeably less often than men. They do not visit betting shops and casinos as often, making a smaller number of bets on sports.

The problem of addicted gamblers is quite acute in Australia. Firstly, their number is increasing every year. Secondly, the regulator is not yet able to create an effective program that would keep bettors from getting addicted.

Although a number of restrictions are already in place in relation to those players who have already become victims of gambling addiction, it is extremely difficult to protect new customers of betting shops from the development of gambling addiction.

Gambling is not going to be abandoned in Australia, and it is the right approach. At least all betting companies operating in the country stay in the legal field, pay taxes and even support problem gamblers. Perhaps in the future an effective preventive mechanism to protect bettors will still be created, but for now the help comes at the stage when the person is already exposed to gambling addiction and addicted to betting on sports.

Similar problems are typical not only for Australia, but also for the rest of the world. People are overly addicted to betting on soccer and other popular sporting disciplines without noticing how their hobby is turning into a real disease.

Responsible betting organizations introduce systems of loss limits to help such customers reduce their losses to a minimum level.


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