How to make money on cryptocurrencies affiliate programs in 2022

You make money on cryptocurrencies affiliate programs in 2022 and want to try new GEOs? Bored of e-commerce niche and want to try something new in the field of making money on the Internet, but do not know what to choose?

In this article from Richads guys you’ll read about current approaches to earn on cryptocurrency affiliate programs in 2022 and learn about one of the most profitable destinations – Latin America – one of the leading crypto GEOs.


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Let’s start with the fact that everyone knows about cryptocurrency: from teenagers to retirees, and this allows you to interact with a fairly wide audience.

In addition, cryptocurrency affiliate programs 2022 give you the opportunity to get rich quickly: instant online earnings without worries, without unloving work, hated bosses and call-to-play schedules, and no stress at all, to put it crudely.

And if we add here the secret desires of recognition and luxurious life, we get a well-heated audience, which is ready to almost immediately snatch up your offer, just seeing it.

The excitement around Musk’s cryptorebuses confirms people’s willingness to grab any opportunity to make a quick buck on the trending currency.

Not the only one, but not unimportant and, of course, complemented by other distinct advantages:

  • High payouts in hundreds of dollars: Latin America from $350, Europe from $700, Tier 1 countries from $1k;
  • Fast withdrawal: in most cases you don’t need to wait for further deposits and thorough verification;
  • Independence from product deliveries, couriers, and aggressive call center upsells. Oh, and you won’t have to shake on the upsell percentage, either.

Already ready to warm up with a CPL crypto envelope on cold evenings? Then let’s go figure out how to drive traffic to crypto offers and make money with CPA Networks, namely the generous LATAM.


affiliate programs

There are many funnels for pouring cryptocurrency on pushovers, but marketers invent something new every time.

One way or another, all cryptocurrency affiliate programs 2022 funnels follow the same script.

What topics are good for crypto funneling:

  • get rich quick,
  • make more money,
  • buy real estate,
  • a new car,
  • save money and travel a lot.


affiliate programs

    Newsworthy (people gasped when they saw what the government of country X was hiding from them). The more clickbait the headline, the higher the audience’s interest;

    1. The story of an ordinary working man who managed to become a millionaire.

    The approach is catchy in its simplicity: the story of a man of the people, just like us, just like you. Since he made it, why is everyone else worse?

   2. Luxury life without effort.

    Correlates with approach #2, but differs in its emphasis on the trappings of luxury living: cars, apartments, planes. The approach is based on an unrealized desire for recognition and wealth;

    3. Playing with the stocks of famous companies.

    Gained popularity on the wave of development of the theme with investing. The funnel is lavishly sprinkled with the sauce of conspiracy: “Oh, these voritils, hid from us an easy way to make money,” which only adds impulsiveness to users.

When shedding with flushes, we can’t guess for sure the exact age and other data of users, but we can weed out people of inappropriate age with prelends and flushes (depending on the creo).

Mentioning the age of users, it is worth noting that bitcoin buyers have gotten younger lately: now 30% of buyers are millennials.


affiliate programs

In order to pour crypto, you’ll have to have a good strain on your piggy bank. However, high payouts can not only cover costs, but also leave with good profits. On average, the reg2dep envelope on push notification paid traffic arbitrage is 5%. And if you are aware of some details, it can be even higher.

In Latin America, we are actively working with Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

The emerging GEOs also include Africa and Asia, so you don’t have to chase Tier-1 residents to get a good envelope. Even though it seems that because of the large payouts, crypto on flushes for Tier 1 countries is a better story.

The cryptocurrency affiliate programs offers to which they sent traffic in 2022:

Offers for Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Brazil were also taken as test material.

  • [30306] BitQT – 7 Countries – up to $467.5 at the prime rate;
  • [26115] Immediate Edge – 8 Countries – $361 at prime rate;
  • [32247] BTC Trader – CL, CO, CR, ES – up to $680 prime rate;
  • [30302] BitQT – BR – $382 at prime rate.


affiliate programs

95% of the depts were from Chrome Mobile. Targeted Android 8 and ended up with 86% of depts with Android 10 (858), 7% with Android 9 (631), the remaining percentages were distributed between Android 8 and Android 11. There is no point in targeting Android below 8.

For example, in Latin America, one of the growing GEOs for crypto, Wednesday and Thursday are the most converting days. On weekends there are usually not many deposits, because the call center does not work or works 1 day out of 2. And the funnel is based on the call center and the operator’s ability to convince a person to make a deposit.

Also put the browser language – Spanish.

Conversion statistics from cryptocurrency affiliate programs 2022.

affiliate programs

In Chile, we got the highest conversion from reg to dep – up to 7%, but the lowest in reg. In Mexico, on the contrary, the reg was cheaper, but the deposits (reg2dep) were significantly lower – up to 5%.

General statistics by country for a longer period:

affiliate programs

Prelandings and banners.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Creatives with local TV shows or local news sites performed well because they looked more natural and trustworthy.


affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Of course, celebrities can potentially bring in a big envelope, but we strongly advise against playing with fire at the risk of losing any payout at all from advertising or getting into worse trouble.

Now let’s pay a little attention to our banners, which can be combined with inscriptions in Spanish to get different combinations. In general, split tests give good results, so we’ll give you a tested set, but to work on your own. Don’t skimp on the tests, remember, eh?

If you get the urge to make a similar creatives with your own hands, choose pictures with locals.


Working with push notifications is 99% optimization. First we optimize the lead flows, then the deposit flows.

It’s very important to change prelandings in time if the indicators fall. This is especially important for prelandings found through spaytools, because there is a probability that the user will get banner blindness, and “your” creative will be ignored because of the jubilee display.

It is important to find a balance between superclickbait headline and headline that pushes to explore the content of the prelanding. Metrics can be put in place for detailed study.

Where can you buy push notifications:






affiliate programs
  • Adapting prelandings, if you used spitulza;
  • Targeting Android version 8 or higher;
  • Use local images;
  • Make split tests of texts and prelandings not only for clickability, but also for user retention.

Cryptocurrency affiliate programs offers

Some of the crypto offers mentioned in the case are currently stalled, but you can try similar top offers with good payouts:

  • 33626 Bitcoin Era – CL – $382.5 (basic rate)
  • 33502 Immediate Edge Official Website LATAM API – 10 Countries – (Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala) – $403.75 (basic rate)
  • 33050 Bitcoin Era latam API – 6 Countries – (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica) – $340 (basic rate) (prime rate)
  • 32985 Bitcoin Profit – BR, PT – Base rates: Brazil – $382.5, Portugal – Portugal $510
  • 32247 BTC Trader – CL – $425 (basic rate)

Want to convert other GEOs as well? Here’s a list of the most converting GEOs for cryptocurrency affiliate programs offers 2022:

  • [26257] Bitcoin Code – Smartlink – 60 Countries – Base rates: Romania – $382.5, Lithuania – $340, UK – $722.5
  • [33531] Bitcoin Up [Native desk+Native LP] – RS – $510 (prime rate)
  • [30498] Bitcoin B2GO – TR – $467.5 (basic rate) (prime rate)

These offers you can find in the biggest newbies friendly CPA Network Adcombo.

Payment systems – WebMoney, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire, Paxum, Epayservice, Capitalist, Tether USDT TRC20 and ERC20.

You’ll get your money on request with min sum 50$.

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