How to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties

How to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties and not to lose your traffic? It’s an essential question for everyone who wants his campaign to grow fast and uses all the possible methods.

The reality is that there are several approaches you shouldn’t apply to your websites and campaigns, if you don’t want to lose your high search engine ranking, visitors and money with profitable Affiliate Programs.

Why it is so? That’s because Google has some rules you have to follow and it’s a very bad idea to try fooling Google algorithms. So, is there some way to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties and be safe from losing your money and traffic? Let’s find out what you should do and what you shouldn’t, if you want to reach this goal.

How to avoid Google Penalties: your content and its quality

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The first thing you’d better not do is to copy someone’s content and then use it for your website. Such approach will 100% lead you to strong penalties from Google. By disobeying the rules, you risk to be lowered in search engine ranking significantly.

The best way to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties is to use only unique content. You can create it on your own using you creativity and personal skills or just hire someone who’ll do the job for money. And make sure this person is a responsible one.

Unique and high-quality content will not only save you from any Google restrictions, but also help you increase CTR and conversion rate on your affiliate campaigns. It all will lead to high earnings in the end.

There is one more tip how to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties, which is about content and its quality. Some webmasters don’t have time or skills to create new articles, add photos and videos. So, they use the tool for content spinning, which shows the visitors the same content after some time.

Don’t do like that, cause this approach is easily detectable by Google. This will surely lead to penalties, even if all the texts and photos are unique. If you don’t have time, then find someone who’ll do it for money.

That will help you Protect Your Site from Google Penalties. You should also consider that poor content will have a harmful effect on your conversion rate and earnings.

Don’t try to fool Google not to put Your Site under Penalties

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There is a specific term in online marketing, which is called “cloacking”. It stands for the approach to search engine optimization, when you try to fool Google and show your content in the way that is different from its actual quality.

It’s completely wrong to think you’ll reach success using this method. To Protect Your Site from Google Penalties you should avoid this approach and find a better way to increase your search engine ranking.

One more tricky method you should stay away from is using hidden texts. There is some content, which can increase your ranking but it’s not something you’d like to show on your site. In this case some webmasters make the appropriate text disappear on the page by using certain colors and fonts.

The truth is that it’s not a problem for Google to detect such fraud. And it all will definitely lead to penalties. If you’re wondering how to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties, just stay away from two mentioned methods.

The third tricky approach you’d better not use for you affiliate campaigns is adding too many irrelevant comments during a short time period. It could potentially increase your search engine ranking, but this trick is very easy for Google to detect.

So, don’t be surprised when your website will be penalized, in case you’ll apply the mentioned method to it.

Keep the quality of Your Website high to avoid Google Penalties

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Another step to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties is to raise the quality of user experience on your website. Mobile optimization plays higher role in Google ranking day after day.

So, don’t miss this trend and apply substantial efforts to make your site responsive and look good on any device. This will not only protect you from any penalties possible, but also drive a lot of new quality traffic to you. Moreover, your CTR and conversion rate will also increase.

Let’s move to the next tip how to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties. This one is about your ads. It’s a common practice for many websites to have their own mobile app, which provides a better user experience for mobile visitors.

Hence, they start to promote it on their website. The problems start when site owners use intrusive interstitial ads for this goal. It has a harmful effect on user experience and will definitely lead to certain penalties. Yes, such approach may work if you’re on the top of SERP, but in other cases you’d better not use the mentioned method. It’ll Protect Your Site from Google Penalties and losing visitors.

One more thing that has a harmful effect on your website is using too many keywords. SEO optimization is good but don’t be to aggressive in it. If you’ll stuff your site with tons of keywords, it’ll surely lead to the number of penalties from Google.

What you should do is a deep market research, which will help you find specific keywords that work best. Several good-performing keywords are way better that tons of waste ones.

Be careful with backlinks for Your Website

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A good way how to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties is to check your backlinks regularly and to remove the bad ones.

There is a couple of tools you can use to get the list of backlinks that were indexed for your site by Google, including Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and others. The problem is that some of these links may be considered as spam by Google. To successfully remove them you can use Google Disavow.

We are done with backlinks’ quality, bur what about quantity? To Protect Your Site from Google Penalties you shouldn’t create to many of such links in a short time period. Some webmasters do that to reach better ranking. However, it’ll only lead to penalties from Google.

Creating a few backlinks on quality websites is a better option than tons of backlinks on low-quality sites. This way you’ll be more successful as a marketer and earn more money in the long-term perspective.

Another point in the list of things you should avoid to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties is creating widgets that will direct the users back to your site. If you do that, Google will definitely penalize you. At the same time, it’ll be a perfect idea to create widgets, which will be linked with some quality websites.

Other things that may cause Google Penalties

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Buying or exchanging links might seem to be very useful for your campaigns. Still, it’s not something you should do as a marketer. That’s one more tip how to Protect Your Site from Google Penalties.

The problem is that the mentioned method is usually used for creating bad reciprocal links. Just stay away from this approach not to lose traffic and money.

The next one in the list of blackhat affiliate marketing methods is creating tricky mobile redirects. Some webmasters do this to send the visitors to other websites that pay them.

Such approach isn’t legit and you’ll definitely be punished by Google, if you use it too. To Protect Your Site from Google Penalties, do not be one of these webmasters. Note: this tricky method works only with mobile visitors, not with desktop ones.

All the site owners want to reach higher ranking and get more traffic. One of the ways to do that is to use search engine directories, which are aimed to match the visitors with appropriate websites. At the same time, not all the directories are good. In case you’ll submit to some bad one, there is a risk to receive poor-quality backlinks from spammy websites.

The last tip for you is to create alerts in Google Analytics. This will allow you to get all the essential info about your traffic level, so that you can apply appropriate changes if necessary.

There are definitely some more tips how to be in good relations with Google. Still, the mentioned ones are among the most helpful. Stick to them not to lose your traffic, time and money.

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