How to make money on popunder affiliate program PopCash in 2022

Popunder in traffic arbitrage has been in stable demand for many years and, despite its specifics, works great in different verticals.

In the list of affiliate programs for making money on the Internet, your attention is another thematic review dedicated to the Popcash popunder ad broker, for monetizing sites and traffic arbitrage.

Meet popunder affiliate program review…


PopUnder is an advertisement that opens behind the browser window. The script’s birthday falls on 1999, when ExitExchange first introduced it.

The essence of popunders is that after clicking on the pop-up window in the user’s browser, a page of a third-party site opens. Popunder ads do not affect the viewing of site content, so most users see them only after closing the main tab.

Popunder advertising has undeniable advantages over other formats:

•     The user is guaranteed to go to the advertiser’s website;

•     Advertising does not spoil the design of the site;

•     It costs less than other formats, since payment is mainly based on the PPI (Pay Per Impression) model. Note that in this format, the number of impressions is equal to the number of clicks, since each user gets to the target site;

•     Attracts a lot of traffic;

•     It is shown to a unique visitor only once a day, which does not drain money when the user repeatedly goes to the same site;

•     Wide audience reach.


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This format of advertising is considered as a tool for making money in rare cases when it is not possible to monetize visitors in other ways.

But since now there are varieties of push notifications, there are more variations.

Where do they put:

• Adult sites, primarily tubes and CJ;

• Entertainment resources;

• Software websites;

• Film websites.

In a word, those resources where people are unlikely to buy something.

Mirror demand is also from advertisers who want to buy popunder traffic.

What is the popunder being poured on now:

• Sweepstakes

• Gambling

• Betting

• Lotteries

• Adult games

• Webcams

The best option in this case, many consider the use of smartlinks as the most convenient tool with reference to a specific vertical.


To get started, go to the “Publishers” item and add a site. You can disable or enable ad categories to display.

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Choose a topic.

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Confirm ownership and take the code. You can take it with Anti Adblock code.

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Javascript Anti Adblock is dynamic and unique – each time you refresh the page, you get a different version of that ad code.

The code is generated based on your domain name and the settings you choose.

This code will most likely be blocked by Adblock within a few days. Therefore, if you manually copy and paste this code into your site, we recommend that you update it daily.

If your site is not WordPress, then there is a plugin that is enough to download and register your id in it in the Popcash popunder affiliate program.

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The list of payment systems for withdrawing money from earnings on the Internet is on the screen, there is also a minimum wage.

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The frequency of payments – on request.


Available targetings when setting up a Popcash advertising campaign.

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affiliate programs
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In the Traffic Inventory section, you can see the free volumes of popunder traffic for arbitrage.

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Available payments for deposits.

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The minimum deposit is $5.

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