How to make money on VPN offers from CPA Networks in 2022

Where to send traffic from push notifications and in-page pushes – in a recent review of the Mondiad affiliate program, some options were mentioned in relation with paid traffic arbitrage.

I advise you to take a closer look at one more vertical of affiliate programs, or rather, a certain category of offers. We are talking about VPN, which is now used by more and more ordinary users, and not just companies or webmasters.

It is because of reaching such a large audience that VPN offers excellent conversion rates in almost all geos, and this is a great money-making opportunity.

How can it be profitable to work with her, and how exactly to do it – read in this article.


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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure encrypted connection of the user to the network with which he can bypass local restrictions and maintain confidentiality.

How ordinary users see VPN in terms of reasoning of choice.

  1. Security of the public Wi-Fi network.

Public Wi-Fi is convenient, but what about security? When you reply to emails at your local coffee shop or absentmindedly browse social media at the airport, someone may be monitoring your online activity.

Using a VPN protects your data while you are on other networks by hiding your browsing history, banking information, account passwords, and more from malicious attackers on the Internet.

  1. Confidentiality of data from your internet provider.

When you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi, you’re less likely to be attacked by outsiders than over a public connection. However, your data is still vulnerable.

A VPN can help hide your IP address from your own ISP.

  1. Confidentiality of data from applications and services. Remember the story from Facebook, how it used the data of its users?

A VPN will prevent apps and websites from associating your behavior with your computer’s IP address. It can also restrict the collection of data about your location and browser history.

  1. Access to any content anywhere.

VPNs spoof your location, giving the impression that you are surfing the internet from somewhere else.

  1. Security when working remotely.

One of the advantages of a VPN is the ability to encrypt data. Encrypting or translating data into an encoded format so that its meaning is hidden allows you to keep confidential information safe.

If you are individually thinking about investing in a VPN for your company, one of the benefits is that employees can connect to your office network and view sensitive material on their devices while away from the office.

Since telecommuting seems possible even after the pandemic is over, a VPN is a useful investment to keep sensitive material safe outside of the office.

  1. Ease of use.

Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that make installation and use accessible to non-experts.

  1. Ability to adapt to numerous smart devices.

Each VPN company may offer slightly different protection plans and options for securing different devices, but many vendors offer plans to help you secure yourself across multiple devices.


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How VPNs are seen by webmasters who want to sell VPN users or motivate them to install applications from CPA networks and make money in 2022.

  1. Protection (Security). The transmitted information is available when there is an encryption key. A VPN protects data from a provider who may be sharing site history with anyone, as well as cyber attacks and identity theft.
  2. Disguise geolocation. Geolocation data does not come from the device, but from the VPN server. The latter can be in any other country, and it becomes unrealistic to determine the location. In addition, the service may not even keep a log of user actions. Accordingly, no one will be able to get access to the history of their actions, because it simply does not exist.
  3. Access to regional content. Different regions of the world are often banned. Therefore, the only way to get to the desired site is through a VPN.
  4. Secure data transmission. When working remotely, you may need to access sensitive corporate data. To reduce the chances of leaks and improve security, VPNs use an encrypted connection to transfer data.


How to make money on VPN offers from CPA Networks in 2022: you need to choose right ad formats.

From standard push notifications, paid traffic arbitrage has moved to the purchase of In-Page pushes and iOS calendar, which show higher conversions in online moneymaking.

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Calendar Push is an analogue of the classic format, which is available for users of devices based on iOS and macOS. The notification comes to the user in the form of an upcoming event from the calendar application, thereby inspiring maximum confidence.

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But, version 15 made the situation a little worse, since it gave users options for settings.

But Calendar Push still shows an excellent conversion rate for VPN offers. Fresh subscribers and little competition are a great combination to safely recommend this format.


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Affiliate programs provide several options for interaction between webmasters and advertisers.

• payment for CPI installation (cost per install)

• payment for interaction CPE (cost-per-engage)

It is often referred to as the CPA model – payment for action, which is close in nature. However, CPA includes CPA as one of the interaction variations.

CPE – Pay Per Interaction Advertising is a campaign model in which advertisers only pay when users complete the desired interaction (or what we call events) in the app.

This means that initial impressions and actions are free for the user, but once the user reaches a certain milestone in the application, the advertiser bears the costs. For example, reaching a certain level in a mobile game, signing up for an app to subscribe to music, or taking the first ride in a driving app.

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With this pricing model, advertisers ensure they get something in return for their ad spend.

At the moment of payment by the user, the affiliate receives his earnings from the CPA network. Comparing the two main payment models, CPIs generate less profit than CPE.

But if you have your own sites, then this comparison can be neglected. If you buy traffic, in this case we are talking about the most convertible format In-Page pushes, then in relation to Tier 1 it is more profitable to choose CPE.

VPN free trials are also a great option as it is much easier for a user to agree to a trial without entering their credit card details or paying for the app.


I have researched the list of offers in CPA networks and offer VPN options at the time of writing.

In the future, it is clear that this list will be different there. But I give exactly those affiliate programs where such an assortment always exists and will always be.

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As with any affiliate campaign, strategy and consistency are important.

  1. Analyze the market and competitors’ offers.
  2. Create suitable creatives: how to create a creative that will convert and generate profit.
  3. Create a landing page: it is not forbidden to study the capabilities of competitors. Optimize your landing page for both desktop and mobile. This will definitely increase your conversion rate by getting more users.
  4. Create a campaign.
  5. Optimize.
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For example, the Vimmy traffic broker has a Smart tools optimization feature that allows you to quickly and easily optimize ad campaigns in accordance with the parameters you set, for example, automatically stop non-converting sites and creatives.

Where can you buy In-Page pushes, Calendar Pushes, Push notifications for mainstream traffic to make money on VPN offers from CPA Networks in 2022:


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