How to make money with LeadRock Affiliate CPA Network in 2022

LeadRock is an affiliate CPA network and service for setting up affiliate tools. Focused on Latam, Asia, Europe, and Africa with an accent on goods (nutrition and physical goods).

GEO offers: Latam, Africa, Europe, and Asia

24/7 support: yes

Verticals: nutra and whitehat (physical goods)

Tools: link builder, ability to customize streams, domain parking, API, trafficbacks, postbacks. You can integrate your website with the advertiser’s website.

Number of offers: 2000+

Number of GEOs: 50+


LeadRock positions itself as a multifunctional system aimed at helping affiliates. The affiliate CPA network has scaled strongly since 2017: now they have their own technical service, blog, podcast, and they also actively maintain social networks. Now they publish current news in English in a separate Telegram channel.

Today affiliate program LeadRock is an entire ecosystem for webmasters, consisting of a platform, services, and content. They provide a wide range of services: from financial advice to promotion of affiliate teams and organization of processes in the company. You can sign up using the link. To do this, you only need to leave your email and come up with a password.

Here is what they say about themselves: “Our mission is to create services to help affiliates work and increase their earnings.”


The affiliate CPA network has its own technical service — LeadRock Tech, and they are also ready to help with useful materials and advice in these directions:

• Finance — consultations, account opening, withdrawal of funds

• Management — processes organization, employees motivation

• Marketing — brand promotion

• Jurisprudence — business registration, contract preparation

• Psychology — help with anxiety, burnout and depression

In the blog, you can find various articles that will be useful for affiliates in their work.

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In LeadRock cases, there is a promotion of the affiliate team Zavod. Using the OKR method, LeadRock helped launch a new vertical with a large ROI for the team.

Due to the wide range of services provided to webmasters, CPA Network LeadRock can be called one of the most “caring” affiliate networks.


LeadRock technical service makes it easy to work with tools, promos, and creatives. This can help the webmaster save a lot of time and nerves.

Especially if there is a lack of expertise in some stages of setting up an advertising company. They have a channel on Telegram, which publishes news, promotions and useful information.

affiliate programs

To order a service, you need to write @leadrocktech in Telegram.

They have the following services:

● API integration with other software

“If there are difficulties with the integration of your landing page with any affiliate network, we will help you set it up, and add a dynamic pixel from the parameter”

● Promo

“We will copy any landing page, make it up, clean it up, fix bugs”

● Translation of landing pages

“We will find a translator for a variety of GEO, translate the landing page, and adapt the text on the images”

● Adaptation of the promo for the product

“Replacing the product in text and images”

● Setting up the Keitaro tracker

“We will connect affiliate network and Keitaro, set up postbacks + additional wishes for additional parameters”

● Creatives on order

“Let’s draw banners, animate them or create a video creative”

affiliate programs


When you sign up in an affiliate network, an account manager is attached to each webmaster.

Managers support their webmasters at all stages of work and help with almost any situation. Usually, communication with managers takes place in Telegram.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Here is one of the cases of the affiliate manager Sergey:

«From March 22 to May 3, 2021, the contest “One Million from LeadRock” started where you could earn 1 000 000 rubles in 45 days. For this, the webmaster had to direct traffic to certain categories of offers. Then I remembered that I have some cool guys who temporarily left for another affiliate network as their rate was higher there. I wanted them back and sent the terms of the contest. The guys decided to participate even though the contest had already been running for 2 days.

We identified the offers that were participating. I made a welcome bet for the guys. We considered several approaches to direct traffic, they splitted them and left the most converting ones for paid traffic arbitrage. As a result, they boosted their traffic to 670 deyli leads on the peak day.

Here is the proof.

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Herz & Herz – PE

Pearl Cream – PE

The guys poured for 12 days, but they started having problems with cabinets. Even so, they were in the TOP-1 until the last day.. On the last day, they were overtaken by another webmaster of mine, and the guys took a respectable second place and the MacBook.»


Now the site has all the necessary tools, but the company is working on improving the interface. At the top of the site, there is a personal ID and contacts of an account manager. On the main page, you can see your statistics: connected offers, a summary of finances, and a chart with a summary of leads with a filter by date.

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From the affiliate program, you can immediately go to the LR Shop, the button is located on the main page of your personal account.

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On the tab with offers, you can see different columns — what is currently in the top, new offers, whitehat and nutra products. There is a search with filters on the subject of offers, countries, status.

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Each offer has a card with a brief description. When you open a particular card, you can find all the offer information. There are links to landings, prohibited traffic sources. Some offers have notes about what is forbidden to use in promo.

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Separately, it is worth highlighting the news section on the site, where up-to-date information about all offers appears (stops, bumps, new offers and other important information). News can be viewed in feed format or filtered by date.

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CPA Network LeadRock also has its own loyalty program for additional web support. For each approving, the webmaster gets loyalty points. The number of points for approving can be found in the offer card on the website.

These points can be accumulated and spent in the LeadRock Shop. In the store you can buy LR merchandise or tech devices. This is a nice bonus to the main income.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs

More points are often awarded during promotions, as well as every month to the leaders of the rating. Leaders are selected by the number of approvals, separately for nutra and whitehat.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

The loyalty system is very simple. It allows webmasters to receive additional rewards without worrying too much about how it works. To spend your points, you just need to write to your account manager.


LeadRock is multifunctional and suitable affiliate CPA Network for almost everyone. Beginners – because of round-the-clock support and an abundance of services. You can always contact your manager or LR Tech for help.

Minimum Payment $50

Payment Frequency 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Payment Methods – Capitalist, USDT trc20, bank cards, WMZ, wire, QIWI ,Payoneer.

Experienced webmasters will be able to pick up offers with high rates and increase their earnings. For teams, LR can help with promotion and organization. Working with this affiliate network is easy and profitable for webmasters. You can sign up using the link.

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