How to make money with Native Ads Affiliate programs in 2022

Native ads affiliate marketing has become more than popular these days. It appeared as an answer to banner blindness and the development of mobile advertising. The deal is that users see ads on the web every day and hour.

So, they ignore them unless they’re too annoying. In the mobile sphere, everything is even more complicated for marketers. That’s why a new approach for online money-making was required.

This new approach is native ads affiliate marketing. It allows you to engage the visitors and get a lot of conversions without intrusive banners and pop-ups. Moreover, users usually don’t know the thing they see is an ad.


affiliate programs

The most significant advantage of the mentioned approach is that such advertisements naturally merge with the website content or look like an app. So, users consider it some information, which may be valuable for them. This is why native ads affiliate marketing is used more and more by marketers.

There are several reasons why this method is so effective. First, it’s about user engagement. They don’t understand that they see an ad. Hence, they’re not annoyed.

Users see the ads only as a part of website content. Second, the content being shown perfectly matches the visitors’ interests in most cases. Third, they’re more willing to click, which means you’ll get more conversions and earn more money on affiliate programs.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs

One more thing that native ads affiliate marketing will deliver is a good amount of natural traffic. Unlike other advertisements, these can be shared on social networks receive likes and comments. It all makes it possible for them to reach many new potential customers. The more people see your ads, the more traffic you can get.

What’s even more critical, these users are already engaged cause they’re interested in the whole thing. You have to give them final impetus, and they’ll convert. This is why native ads affiliate marketing is such a profitable approach to advertising.


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So, what can you get as a marketer using this type of advertisement? Let’s look through the list of main advantages:

1. It’s the best way to fight banner blindness. Users won’t ignore ads cause they think it’s content, which might be interesting. So, not only they’ll be noticed, but they’ll also be more visible than other ad types.

2. Native ads affiliate marketing can deliver a lot of new traffic. Since advertisements can be shared, hundreds and thousands of web users will see them. Moreover, they’ll trust the info they’ll see. Why is it so? The main reason is that they get information from their friends on social networks. It’s like someone helps you promote the product without being conscious about it.

3. This is the less intrusive way to engage the visitors. Native ads affiliate marketing presumes your advertisements will look like a natural part of website content. Hence, there is no reason for visitors to be annoyed buy it. That’s the privilege that banners, pop-ups, interstitials, and other ads don’t have. It all makes it way easier to deliver your message to users.

4. The conversion rate is significantly higher when you use this approach. This is probably the main advantage cause it’s the one that helps you make more money on your affiliate campaign. Marketers, who have chosen native ads affiliate marketing as their primary instrument of making money online, will always receive higher profit than those who use banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.

5. The content you deliver is valuable for visitors. It perfectly matches the website topic and gives the users exactly what they want. This makes it easier to engage them and get the final conversion. Also, valuable info swiftly spreads on the web, so you’ll get more and more traffic. It’s one more reason to select native ads affiliate marketing as your tool for online business.

6. Targeting is more precise with such advertisements. The ability to deliver the correct info to the right users is crucial to being successful as a marketer. This is the best way to make hundreds and thousands of dollars per day online and make money with CPA traffic arbitrage .

7. It’s elementary to promote such ads via social networks. This type of content is rarely being blocked. It’s exciting and has excellent chances to be shared. Native ads affiliate marketing gives you all the tools to reach the essential SEO goals and earn good money.


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These days web users surf the web mainly using their mobile devices. At the same time, the role of desktops as a searching tool constantly decreases.

Hence, marketers have to adapt their affiliate campaigns to these trends. The most commonly-used ads like banners won’t work well here. Under such circumstances, native ads affiliate marketing will be the best choice for any marketer.

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To be successful in mobile advertising, you have to make ads non-intrusive for users. They should also be relevant to the content, especially if it’s an in-app ad. At the same time, they have to deliver some valuable info to users.

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Banners and other ad types don’t meet these criteria, so that they won’t bring you a decent conversion rate. On the other hand, with native ads affiliate marketing, you’ll be able to reach all the mentioned goals.


It’s a fact that native advertising is becoming a common trend now. A lot of marketers stick to it, and you should do so too. It’ll probably be a single way to make good money as a marketer shortly.

Web users are tired of standard ads that are annoying and deliver no value. They ignore them, which is called “banner blindness.” So, it’s evident that non-intrusive ads, which have a particular significance for users, are the future of affiliate marketing.

Native ads affiliate programs

affiliate programs

I advice you to look at these native ads affiliate programs to make money.

ADNOW – mainstream. Embeddable and customable widgets.

ADSTERRA – adult and mainstream. Native banners.

PLUGRUSH – adult and mainstream. Native Ads with PHP and JS scripts.

CLICKAINE – adult only.

EVADAV – adult and mainstream only.

ADSKEPEER – mainstream only.

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