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How to start an affiliate marketing campaign? It is aimed to be a source of high income in Online Marketing and Traffic Arbitrage by using CPA and Adult networks. Unfortunately, the situation is often quite opposite. The conversion rate is far from being sufficient to get any substantial profit and nothing changes. Why it is so? The answer is simple: you just don’t understand your audience!


Finding the right approach to the visitors is a key to be successful in the Affiliate Marketing sphere. There is no other secret formula that will change everything in a moment. Target your efforts on this area and your Affiliate Campaign will rise and shine.


It often happens that marketers think their audience prefers the same things they do. So, these marketers design their campaigns in a way, which suits their needs, but not the visitors’ needs. It’s a completely wrong approach, which leads only to total failure. And that’s the main reason why your landing page doesn’t convert. To change this you should find out what your visitors really need. Here are some tips to help you with the issue.


A good affiliate Affiliate Campaign main principles

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There is a couple of key features a successful campaign should have. Reach that and you’ll be surprised how much you can earn. Lets take a close look on these features.


Find the right audience for advertising


When working with CPA Networks, you always try to sell something. Many affiliates just highlight the advantages of the product, cause they think it’ll help them to hook the visitors. How to start an affiliate marketing campaign? Think of such thing: why should you buy a popular, good quality product if you just don’t need it? As you can see, the only way to sell such product is to find someone who really wants to have it.


To tell the truth, it’s not so easy to search the right audience. However, there is no problem to start doing this. The first thing you should do is to think of how your perfect customer has to look like. You’ll surely end it up with a couple of good ideas for the Affiliate Campaign. You can also ask for advice your friends or more experienced marketers. In case there is a possibility to quiz real offline customers, use it to figure out why they decided to buy certain products.

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When you’re done with that, it’s time to target more precisely. Use the following methods to reach your goal:


  1. If your competitors are good in Traffic Arbitrage, they can be the best possible teachers for you. To boost your own Affiliate Campaign, try to understand how the competitors’ ones work. Focus on how do they deliver the value of the product to their visitors and whom do they target. If you’ve figured it out, do everything better than your competitors or copy their approaches and apply them to some other niche. One more way to treat the customers right is to find out how the same type of customers is treated in other market spheres. Then you can apply it to your area.


  1. To increase the conversion rate of your Affiliate Campaign, you should also know, which visitors deliver the biggest part of income. The market statistics says that only 20% of them generate 80% of your revenue. So, it would be a great idea to focus on the mentioned group. To do this you should find out what do these visitors have in common. Use the info to catch their attention and then lead them to the point of final conversion.


  1. Now it’s time to be more precise in choosing the right customers for your Affiliate Campaign. Create a couple versions of landing pages to target various groups of potential ideal customers. It’ll help you to see which one works best and reveal the audience which is most interested in the things you promote. Once you know what type of landing pages to use, it’s time to refine them. Use A/B testing for it. This method will help you to improve different page elements in order to get the highest income from Affiliate Marketing offers you work with.


Show the value of the product to the customers

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It’s not enough to reveal the product benefits for a successful Affiliate Campaign. Remember that you’re not the only one who promotes it.


To sell the product, you have to persuade your visitors that this purchase has a value for them. If you do so, they’ll buy from you, but not from others. The value is the most important thing here, even more important than the product’s features and price.


Affiliate Programs with unique offers:


Give the clients what they want


People buy things to receive a pleasure from the purchase or because they have a lack of something and they want to fulfill this lack. Use the mentioned principle and resolve the problem how to start an affiliate marketing campaign.


Your goal is to motivate the visitors. Show them that the product you promote will satisfy their needs and they won’t feel lack anymore. You reveal the problem and immediately show how to solve it – that’s the model of successful campaign. It’s also a crucial thing to build your landing pages and all their elements using this principle.


How to improve my Affiliate marketing campaign?

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Networks or advertisers pay you money for delivering leads (CPA Traffic) or for specific actions, which the visitors have to commit. So, it’s crucial for Affiliate Marketing Campaign to use all the available tools in order to maximize your ability to deliver such potential customers. There is a couple of steps you should follow to reach this goal:


  1. A great way to increase the conversion rate is to use visual instruments. People get the main part of information about the world using their eyes, so, use this fact when you promote something. Graphics is a perfect tool to show the value of the product to your audience.


Bearing all that in mind, try to find the best visualization for the one you advertise. Actually, there are a lot of good-quality images in the Web, which means you don’t even have to pay for them in most cases. If you do products reviews, it would be great to make high-quality photos on your own.


  1. The second important thing which is able to dramatically increase your conversion rate is the message you deliver to your audience. It has to be simple, clear and sharp. Why it is so? First, most internet users don’t like to read much. If they see tons of text in your message, they’ll pass by and the conversion will be lost. Make sure it’s easy enough to catch the idea you want to deliver.


The other important thing is that the message should be able to hook the visitors. Only a simple and sharp one will do that. The statistics says you have a bit more than 2.5 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention, which means your message has to be seen immediately after the page loads. If it’s good enough, they’ll stay more to get additional info.


  1. The last station on the visitors’ way to conversion is CTA or call to action. It’s also one of the most important ones. CTA element is a real link or button on your page, which leads the customers to the final purchase. On this stage some of them may hesitate, so, your goal is to give them the last impetus.


There are two things you can do here. First, you can remind them how valuable the product is. The customers should feel that they pay money for something that delivers tangible benefits. To reach this goal, try various CTA forms like “Get free trial” or “Start to earn with…”. They work much better than standard “click here” and “submit”.


The second way to revive the customers’ confidence is to place something they trust just near the CTA button. It can be reviews, security seals or testimonials. All it makes the customers feel safe to commit a purchase or to give their personal data. So, they won’t hesitate to do that.


Is it all possible with my Affiliate marketing campaign?

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Everyone can reach a tangible improvement of the conversion rate, if he follows the mentioned steps. Always be creative, do your best and try to combine different approaches in the most efficient way.


It surely won’t be easy and there will be mistakes on your way, but a patient and persistent marketer will undoubtedly reach the goal. Try to be so and soon you’ll see how your campaign will rise and shine. When it happens, celebrate your achievements and move forward, cause there is no limit to improvement.


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