How to make unique creatives for traffic arbitrage: the best online services

Unique images are an important aspect of traffic arbitrage, as well as advertising and search engine promotion. They are what buyers pay attention to and search engines value.

It’s great if you create the visual yourself: think through the idea, take quality photos, use graphic editors. If not, you can always make your creative work unique.

This article explains how to uniquely identify a photo, what’s behind it, and which online services are required for your effective paid traffic arbitrage.


To begin with, let’s understand the reasons why uniqueness is necessary.

    1. Behavioral factors. According to statistics, images improve site behavioral factors by 64%. If these images are unique, the chances of keeping a user on the page are much higher.

    2. Search Engine Promotion. Unique photos are a positive signal for search engine robots. Search engines learned long ago to recognize high-quality content and try to offer it to users first.

    3. Growth of traffic. In addition to leading the site to the top unique images attract to the site additional audience. This happens with the help of Google Images and Yandex.Pictures. Users find images by search queries and often go to the source page.

    4. Protection from social network bans. For example, you need to use the same image in several Facebook accounts. Without uniqueness, such activity is likely to end in a ban.


Before uniqueness of an image, it is worth checking the number of copies of it. To do this, we use services:


To check, click on the icon of the camera and select the desired image.


Then the system will give you the number of similar photos. For the example we took a common stock image, so there are enough copies.


The service specializes exclusively in image search. The tool allows you to get detailed information about the picture: find out the source, number of copies, get a wider resolution photo.


Press “Upload” and add the photo you need to check it. In our case the service analyzed 49.8 billion images and found 179 copies. It’s just a matter of reducing the number of copies to zero. To do this, we’ll use working methods of uniqueness of the creatives.


Let’s look at the main ways that will help you quickly unique your photo online.

When checking the uniqueness robots read the invisible parameters of the picture – metadata. Metadata includes: file name, creation date, copyright, extensions, changes made, etc.

Special services allow you to see the parameters of the image. Like Metadata2go and so on.

Upload the desired image and get the result.


As we can see, our image includes enough metadata. To avoid a ban, it is better to remove it before using it. Suitable for this are:

– Service Verexif.com. Upload the file and click “OK”.

XnView program. Open the image. Then run the following commands: “Edit” – “Metadata” – “Delete all”.

Adobe Photoshop. When saving file we specify “Do not show” in the “Metadata” section.

Windows Features. Right-click on the picture and open the “Properties”. Then go to “Details” – “Remove properties and personal information”. Select the desired properties from the list.



The uniqueness of images is not limited to metadata alone. Before using it, it is important to check the hash sum of the image (the unique identifier given by the first owner of the file). The service Hash.online-convert.com will help.

Most likely after you change the metadata robot will still catch the image on the hash sum. To change it, let’s use photo editors (even small edits will automatically change the hash).


Today you can find a huge number of image editing services. Among the most convenient ones are Canva, Fotor, Fotostars, and Adobe Photoshop.

Competent application of these services will help to quickly unique any creativity. Let’s consider several ways.

Selecting a fragment of a photo


To put it simply, cropping an image. Any editor will do the job. Even the simplest Paint (Irfanview is good too). Cropping is better combined with other methods to convince search engines that your image is unique.

Reflection of the picture or turn it.


For example, reflect the picture horizontally. Also suitable for any editor.

Visually the image does not change. But after checking the number of copies has decreased by 5 times.

Adding text to the picture.


Let’s continue to work with the image. We go into a convenient editor (for example, Canva) and add text.

Done! Our creativity has taken on a new color.

Adding objects.


Don’t stop with the text and get creative. Add objects, stickers, arrows, smiley faces, and other graphic elements.

A great creative option for arbitrage is to add a photo of the offer you’re going to pour on.

Changing the background.


Let’s go on and change the background of the image. To do this, use the Remove.bg service.

  • Use the service to remove the background from the desired image.
  • Open a convenient editor.
  • We set the color of the background.

    Congratulations! You have made a unique creative yourself.


Collected a few tips to help you create high-quality and unique creatives.

    1. Do not use images that are too popular. For example, memes, movie stills, or photos of stars. It’s better to give preference to images which initially have less than 30-40 copies.

   2. Combine approaches. This way you will have a much better chance of getting unique creativity.

    3. Choose photos that are larger in size. This will give additional editing options – you will be able to crop, reflect or add elements without losing quality.

   4. Use screenshots. Sometimes you can get a unique image with a simple screenshot. Open any video service, type in a keyword and find a suitable clip. Or services like Screenshopcaptor.

    5. Use photostocks. Today you can find high-quality unique images on both free and paid photo exchanges. In most cases, the price is small, but it will save you enough time.

To compress any photo or image – you can use services like Imagecompressor.

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