Mobile CPA network Mobipium

Mobile CPA network Mobipium is a direct advertiser with ih-house offers for mobile traffic, as well as other verticals and various smartlinks to make money online.

One of the few affiliate programs for earning money on paid traffic arbitrage, who provides their own products. Accordingly, the payments on them are maximum.

The CPA network itself has a Portuguese residence with its head office in Lisbon, and there are also offices in Madeira, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. And she has been working since 2013.

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Support communication is VERY friendly. This moment is immediately felt. Managed to chat with 2 guys from there. Ready to decide – and decide! – any questions. I got a feeling of a certain nepotism within the system. And it’s cool!

Some words about the mobile CPA network Mobipium

All efforts are aimed at monetizing mobile traffic, but the list of offers includes dating, some (of their own) goods.

In total, there are over 3,200 offers in the affiliate program, 95% of which are made for mobile.

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It has their own department of media buyers, therefore all offers entered into the Mobipium affiliate program are tested and sales funnels are built.

NOTA BENE! Also I advise you to look necessarily to the side – AFFMY, which specializes in dating niche.

The mobile CPA Network Mobipium representatives are present at all significant affiliate conferences:

• Affiliate Summit,

• Affiliate World Conferences,

• Mobile World Congress,

• The European Summit,


• World Telemedia …

And so on.

The team is serious, but the show-offs out of the blue – no. If professionalism coupled with friendliness is important to you, this is what you need.

An overview of the main verticals of the CPA Network

The main emphasis, as already written above, is placed on:

• Carrier Billing (1 & 2Clicks, PIN Submits) – In-house

• Dating (exclusive)

• Push Notifications Offers (Smartlink Collectors) – in-house – specially for push traffic

• Ecommerce (their in-house products)

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Also among the verticals there are:

• Casino

• Sweepstakes

• Streaming Services

• Webcams

In the list of offers there is a gradation of NEW or TOP. Accordingly, the latter have already been tested by their own team of media buyers from mobile CPA network Mobipium and have decent conversion rates.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

They also have a corresponding icon in the right corner, if you suddenly look for suitable offers in the general catalog of the Mobipium affiliate program.

In offers with the status of NEW, which have not yet had time to test, it is indicated – PENDING VIEW. The most honest and transparent.

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The most populous category is Career Billing (mobile traffic), which has around 2500 offers. You can select any final goals in targeting.

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Offers from any category can be downloaded to your computer in an Excel file.

The dating vertical in the Mobipium affiliate program includes about 150 products for different geo with payment for leads.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

By tier 1, average market rates. I advise you to look at tier 2 from CPA Network with good rates.

How to make money with Mobipium CPA Network

The admin-panel in the affiliate program is vertical.

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Everything you need to choose is in the “Market” section. The offer selection form has already been posted a little higher.

Opening the desired one, you can view all the information on it.

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Click “Set Up campaign” and it appears in the list of your advertising campaigns in your account.

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You can customize a pixel to track each conversion.

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Smartlinks. To configure them, you just need to click the “Set Pack” button, select a name, agree to the terms and conditions, and the platform will automatically generate a unique link for work.

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The number in the picture indicates the number of offers in rotation.

Where to buy push notifications:

CPA Network Payouts

What about the payouts? Well, if you look in the FAQ, then it says that they require photo documents. This is only partially true, since this rule applies only to bank transfers.

Paxum and Paypal do not need to send any documents.

Frequency of payments – 1 time per month.

Early payments for trusted webmasters.

Payment systems – Paxum, Paypal, Wire.

The minimum amount is $ 100.


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