How to become an affiliate marketing publisher in CPA Networks

How to become an affiliate marketing publisher? That’s a common question for the ones, who has just started their way in online business. One of the biggest problems for newbies is to be accepted by the network.

In terms of this, an affiliate manager is the person who has a great influence on your future in online moneymaking. Good relationships with your affiliate manager from CPA Network is a key to your success.

There are some tips that will help you to understand how to become an affiliate marketing publisher and start making money in the Web. Look through them so that you know what to do when the right moment comes.

How to become an affiliate marketing publisher: tips to communicate with the manager


If you’re going to launch your first campaign, you definitely want to know how to get approved in CPA Networks for newbies. There are many variants of answering this question you can see in the Web, but the best is to find the right approach to affiliate manager.

That’s one of the tips how to become an affiliate marketing publisher and start earning money in this sphere. There are a few things you can do here:

1. Be communicative. You shouldn’t ignore the manager, cause he is the person who can help you solve many issues. If you have some, just ask him for advice. Sometimes a good conversation changes everything.

2. Add your manager to Skype contacts to be able to communicate directly. This way you’ll solve all the possible issues way faster. The manager won’t tell you how to become an affiliate marketing publisher, but he’ll help you to work successfully with the network you’ve chosen.

3. Use a real name when applying for CPA network and Affiliate Program. The managers will definitely find it suspicious if you’ll be hiding it. This simple fact is significantly important. Don’t try to fool anyone and you’ll get what you need.

4. Give full information in the forms you fill. Don’t be lazy to write where you get traffic, what is you planned daily click statistics, which offers do you usually work with etc. All this is really essential for the ones who want to know how to become an affiliate marketing publisher.

What else you can do here?

If you want to make good money on CPA Traffic in Affiliate marketing, do not ignore your affiliate manager. It’s a very bad idea to have bad business relationships with him. Instead of this, try to be opened and tell the truth. Don’t hide the lack of experience or the absence of statistics.

Just tell the manager you’re working on it. Do the same thing if you have a kind of traffic that isn’t accepted by the offer. The manager may solve the issue by negotiating with advertiser directly.

The other thing you should definitely do is to offer your solutions to improve the network. It’s normal to ask for better payouts if you deliver tons of high-quality leads.


You can also be payed more frequently because of this. Need a certain kind of offer that is not available in the CPA network? Ask the manager to find it for you! He’ll do that if you’re able to deliver enough traffic.

At the same time, you shouldn’t ask for such things as a newbie who has just registered. You can’t give anything in return on this stage, so wait until you’ll be able to deliver something valuable.

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