Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking

Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking is a first step to improving your campaigns and making more money online. It allows you to collect all the essential data, analyze it and then make the appropriate changes.

Of course, some testing will be required to see whether the changes actually worked, but that’s another story. Back to tracking, it would be great to have a tool, which will deliver the fullest data about sources of your traffic, conversions on Affiliate Programs, campaign effectiveness etc.

That’s what UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing are for. Use them in Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking to see which parts of your campaign do bring you good money to apply the same methods to other ones.

Why is Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking an essential thing for every marketer?

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Let’s presume you receive a certain number of conversions from your campaign and it brings you some profit. But do you know where do these visitors who converted come from? Why is it important?

Well, all the traffic for your campaign probably comes from different sources. Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking shows you which of them work and which don’t. It’s not wise to spend money on sources that don’t deliver decent conversion rate.

You’d better cut them of or make improvements to increase their efficiency. You can learn how to do that by analyzing the sources, which do perform well.

As you can see, it’s really useful to track campaign data and UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing will help you with that. But what are these parameters and how do they work in Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking? Let’s figure it out.

UTM parameters and their role in Conversion Tracking

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If we say it in play words, all the parameters are just pieces of code, which should be tagged to your URLs. This additional part of the URL consists of three parts:

  • Question mark;
  • Parameter type;
  • Cariable part.

Note that you’ll require Google Analytics to work with UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing. It’s so, cause this tool is used to track these parameters. Still, you can also use other tools for Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking here. They just should be able to work with GA data.

UTM parameters types you can use in Traffic Arbitrage for Tracking

There are five parameters, which can be added to URLs:

1. UTM_source. This one is required to set a source you want to track (like Facebook). If you do so, all the incoming traffic from the chosen source will be tracked. You can use the same source for several links, cause they might differ by other parameters of Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking.

2. UTM_medium. The second parameter identifies the link medium (email, CPC, social media etc).

3. UTM_term. This one is aimed to track keywords. It’s one of UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing that is optional.

4. UTM_content. It’s very helpful if you do A/B testing, when you’re working with offers from CPA Networks. The parameter identifies where did the visitors who converted clicked initially (what banner, image, text link etc).

5. UTM_campaign. The last of UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing, which is used in Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking just identifies the name of your campaign.

How to add the parameters to your Affiliate Marketing URLs?

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You’ll require Google URL builder to get what you need. The whole process is rather simple. The first thing to do is to add your URL. Then you should fill all the compulsory and optional parameters.

At last, you click to generate the final link and here it is. In the output you’ll get the UR L, which can be used for Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking. As you can see, it’s not a complicated thing to implement UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing. Still, there are some thing you definitely have to take into consideration:

1. If the initial link has some special characters, you’ll have to remove them. For example, it might be “&” or something like this. The process is definitely a bit annoying, but it is a compulsory thing to clean the initial link before using Google builder.

2. If you’re working with in-app or mobile ads, you’ll have to use Google Play URL Builder to prepare the link for Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking. Some additional info will also be required.

3. It’s OK to use URL shorteners with CPA traffic. They won’t be harmful to your links.

4. Google recommends to use Chrome when you work with its Builder to implement UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing. It’s not an essential thing and most other browsers will be good. Still, if you meet some issues, it’ll be wise to try do the whole thing using Chrome.

Using the parameters properly in online Affiliate Marketing

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It’s really an essential thing to choose a certain scheme of UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing for Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking and be strictly stick to it. This will help you to receive a structured data, which will be easy to read and analyze. On the other hand, you’ll get tons of info that is barely possible to understand.

There are many possible structures you can create. It just should be convenient for you to work with the scheme you have chosen. One of possible structures you can select is the tier-based one, which goes downwards. It’s very effective in terms of Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking and probably the simplest. The scheme includes the following tiers:

1. Your source of traffic. This is one of UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing, which is good to use as an initial for further structure. So, it’ll include all your sources like Twitter, Facebook, Google search etc.

2. The second tier is your mediums. Each source might have several ones. For example, it can be CPC, Social Media and others.

3. The third tier of the Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking scheme is campaigns. Every medium can have a couple of campaigns within it.

4. The fourth tier is optional in this structure, but you can add it to get the most precise info. The tier is made by ads, which you use for every campaign.

Some more tips concerning UTM parameters usage in Affiliate Marketing

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Your goal here is to receive the fullest data to use it for optimization then. It means you have to apply the parameters to the whole campaign. It won’t be useful for Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking if you use them only in some places.

UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing won’t work that way. The only exception is the data, which is not important for your online business and used for personal goals.

It’ll also be wise to use URL shorteners, cause they can deliver some additional info, which can be very useful. Moreover, shortened links usually work better and are more attractive for users.

Though, it’s not essential to use it everywhere. There are sites that just don’t show the full length of the link. Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking also won’t be more precise in this case.

You can use UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing in many different ways. Email advertising, Google Play apps, form sign ups – all that you can run with the mentioned parameters in order to gather marketing data and improve your campaigns on this basis.

Analyzing the Tracking data

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So, now you’ve gathered a lot of structured and useful data. But where you can find it and how is it possible to read it to get the best results from Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking?

First you need to open Google Analytics. The next step is website profile. After that you go to acquisitions. Then you should choose campaigns and sources, as the last step. That’s where you’ll see all the data, which was gathered due to UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing.

Now the question is what info there is really useful. What exactly you should take into consideration to get all the benefits of Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking? Actually, there are many things you can monitor. It might be purchases, clicks from social networks (read “How to earn on Instagram“), form submissions, sign ups etc. Everything that has a potential influence on your profit does matter.

The most important data that you’ll have is conversion rate. It’s something that directly influences the amount of money you earn as a marketer. Go to “conversions” in the menu to see all the essential data from Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking.

It’ll be sorted by campaign, so you’ll be able to find out which ones perform well and which don’t. Study all of them. It’s crucial to understand why certain campaigns don’t bring you good earnings. At the same time, it’s even more important to know why the top campaigns are delivering such good results.

If you understand what earns you a lot of money, you’ll be able to apply this experience to the campaigns, which don’t perform well. As you can see, UTM parameters in Affiliate Marketing are more than useful for Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking. They allow you to get structured info and make all the essential improvements on this basis.

How to make improvement for Affiliate Marketing campaigns?

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First you have to make a quick analysis of the data you have. Examine it to see what doesn’t work. Compare it with the same data from the campaign that performs well. Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking supplies you with all the essential info to do that.

The next step is testing. Choose one thing that should be improved, when you’re working with Affiliate Networks, and make all the changes required. If it helped, go to the next factor that should be improved. If not, then go on to make the improvements. And don’t test more than one parameter at once.

It won’t show you which of them really influences your campaign. Keep on improving to get the highest profit possible. That’s all will be possible due to Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking.

A short conclusion

UTM parameters is a great tool that allows you to get maximum results from tracking. It supplies you with structured info that is easy to read. All you need is to monitor data and make the essential changes on this basis.

That’s what Arbitrage Traffic Conversion Tracking is used for. Don’t forget that there is always room for improvement and you can always earn more.

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