USA and UK payday loans affiliate program Leadsmarket

Payday affiliate program Leadsmarket for USA and UK market with payment for issued credits – an excellent alternative to solutions working in the foreign market, which now pays without unnecessary questions to convenient payments, including crypto.

The niche itself has been and always will be profitable in terms of earnings among affiliate programs, so it is competitive when it comes to SEO promotion.

But doorways show great results … If you go to the output of the U.S. on Google or Bing, then 3-4 and the next page will be just doorways. Or link donors for top affiliate programs.


Payday Loans – microloans up to one month at high interest rates with relatively low requirements for the borrower. The process of obtaining a loan is online, the confirmation or rejection comes to a person virtually instantly.

This is fast and convenient for the consumer: it doesn’t even require a supporting document. As a consequence, there is a boom in supply and demand, as well as ideal conditions for working on the CPA model.

Loans are taken to get:

  • money before payday
  • family expenses
  • medical treatment
  • home repair
  • car maintenance
  • loan repayment
  • travel and vacations
  • entertainment
  • card debt

Local peaks in demand for a quick loan usually occur a couple of days before major holidays and 2-3 days after. On the day of the holiday, there is silence and the demand for services falls sharply by a factor of 2 to 3.

In summer, there is a high demand.

After the 20th of each month there is a rush.

Microfinance institutions and banks essentially perform the same function – lending to people. Despite the similarities, there are significant differences between MFIs and banks. First of all, it is a portrait of a potential client.

In banks, as a rule, it is a person 24 years old or older who provides a full package of documents (passport, ID code, income certificate) and indicates the place of official employment.

The borrower must be personally present at the institution and have a card of the bank. The registration procedure takes from 2-3 days to several months if a person needs a large sum.


This is a convenient niche for earning money on the Internet, which brings a good income and pays more for results than in e-commerce and other verticals (gambling and betting will always be at the top, they do not count).

Remember: as long as there is money, people will borrow.  Accordingly, the flow of users is endless, so in this niche you are guaranteed to find a place and Leadsmarket will be happy to help you with that.

The field of short-term credit is huge, with about $9 billion in the U.S. alone. This one is one of the top searches in browsers in the US and UK.

It is the market of these two countries is the main and most promising in terms of potential earnings. You can also find Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Mexico in CPA networks.

But not on separate platforms, as in the case of Leadsmarket, but in the list of other financial offers.


Where can I find such offers.


I don’t publish all financial CPA Network offers. At the time of the review there are 128 pieces.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Available geos (as of 12/4/2022):

– Mexico,

– Poland,

– Romania,

– Germany,

– Colombia,

– Austria,

– UK,

– United States,

– Czech Republic.

Payments are made once every 2 weeks.

The minimum amount to pay – 20 bucks.

Bitcoin, Wire, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, Capitalist, Yoomoney, Qiwi.


All existing niches of financial sphere.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Payment systems – Paxum, ACH, Wire, Check, Paypal, Capitalist, Payoneer. 

Minimum – $50 – 1 time per month.

P.S. When registering write in the manager line – Margo Saar.

For quick approve and comfortable working knock in Skype live:margoclickbooth or telegram @orangefrau marked “from Kuprum“.


Payday affiliate program Leadsmarket has been successfully working on the market since 2011, which is a very decent indicator.

affiliate programs

At the moment there are 2 geo (USA and UK) and 3 offers available.

– Installment loans

– Personal loans

– Auto title loans

The terms and conditions for each of them.

affiliate programs

A product that provides consumers with short-term or long-term loans, offering a variety of loan amounts from $100 to $35,000, repayable monthly or bi-monthly over a period of time.

Payments range up to $260 per lead.

Valid in all U.S. states except New York.

affiliate programs

A short-term loan product allows consumers to get a loan of 50 to 1,000 pounds, repayable from 1 week to 12 months from the date of the loan.

Repayments range from $1.30 to $118 (approximate) per lead.

Valid in the UK only.

affiliate programs

A loan based on the value of the consumer’s vehicle.

This product is a collateral-based loan with payments ranging from $2-$20 USD per lead.

Available in the U.S. only, not available in (AR, CO, CT, FL, HI, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NY, OK, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA, WV, WY).


•          AL (Alabama)

•          AK (Alaska)

•          AZ (Arizona)

•          CA (California)

•          DE (Delaware)

•          GA (Georgia)

•          ID (Idaho)

•          IL (Illinois)    

•          LA (Louisiana)

•          MS (Mississippi)

•          MO (Missouri)

•          NH (New Hampshire)

•          NM (New Mexico)    

•          OH (Ohio)     

•          SC (South Carolina)

•          SD (South Dakota)   

•          TN (Tennessee)         

•          TX (Texas)     

•          UT (Utah)      

•          VA (Virginia)            

•          WI (Wisconsin)         


Webmaster moneymaking tools available for payday affiliate program Leadsmarket:

affiliate programs

•          Landing pages

•          Web templates

•          WordPress themes

•          E-mail templates

•          Banners

•          Responsive forms

Two dozen of landings.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Banners – about 50, maybe more. There are themed, tailored to the event. For example, for Christmas.

affiliate programs

Different options for templates.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

About a dozen variants of embedded forms.


On formation of the sum of payment. Payday affiliate Leadsmarket pays partners 90% of the price paid by the lenders (banks) per lead.

At the moment on the market the price per lead is in the range of $2-260.

The price per lead depends on credit history, loan amount/term, and uniqueness of users.

“To improve your and our performance, for lenders, the affiliate program holds an auction and offers leads at a higher price first.” 

On the payment mechanism…

At the first stage, the system needs to check the quality of your traffic. To do this, it is enough for you to let the traffic flow in small volumes, for 3-4 days (they may do it by the test drop, 100 leads). Usually, they need 1-2 days to get a report on quality, and if some indicators are dropping, they give you feedback.

If the quality is okay, payday affiliate works without a hold. For example, you shed from Monday to Sunday and get paid the next Monday-Tuesday.


The minimum amount – 100 dollars.

Frequency of payments – once a week.

Payment systems – Tether USDT ERC20, Wire, Payoneer, Paypal, Webmoney, Direct Deposit.

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