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Banner ads with high CTR shows how many visitors, who saw advertisements, actually clicked. This ratio is among the most important ones in Affiliate Marketing. It’s not an easy task to keep it high, especially when banner blindness is a common phenomenon.


Still, there are some tips how to overcome this problem and many other ones in order to reach high CTR level. Follow them to change your banner ads in a right way. Lets take a close look on all these tips to understand how they can improve your results.


How to raise Banner Ads CTR?

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Banner Networks are great to monetize your website or blog. However, there should be a right approach to banner design and contents to reach success. Here are the things you’d better not do, if you want to get high CTR:


  1. Don’t overfill your banners with information. If you insert tons of junk stuff in a rather small ad, it will be difficult to understand what really matters. Your visitor’s won’t have anything valuable to focus on. And if they don’t see any value, they won’t click. It’s easy to understand that such approach is harmful for Banner ads with high CTR.


What you should do here is to choose the most important messages and use them in your banner. Remember that the goal is to hook the visitors. If you manage to do so, they’ll get the rest of info after the click.


  1. Don’t design banners for yourself. Even the best ads won’t work if they do not suit the visitors’ needs, no matter how good your images and CTA are. The idea is to understand what your visitors are interested in. To increase Banner ads with high CTR, think of what benefits banners should offer to the audience. They have to stress on the value of products being promoted. Use this approach and you’ll be able to earn good money on related Affiliate Networks.


  1. Using low-quality images leads to low CTR. They’ll make your banners look like some newbie-made ones. Moreover, people just won’t trust something that looks odd and blurred. It’s true that high-quality images are not cheap. However, you don’t always have to hire a professional photographer. To increase Banner Ads CTR, you can use images from various specialized web-resources. Spend some time to find what you want and you’ll get perfect images for free.


  1. The next thing that has a harmful effect on Traffic Arbitrage possible earnings is ads burnout. It’s a crucial thing to change your ads after some time. You can use different images, modify CTA and design etc. If you don’t do anything, banner blindness will lower your Banner ads with high CTR close to zero level.


  1. Using too many colors won’t help you to hook the visitors. Moreover, it will likely decrease your CTR. Why it happens so? Such banners will look like they were made unprofessionally or by newbies. Instead of using all the bright colors you know, choose the combination of several colors that perfectly match each other. It will give your ads a good style and design integrity.


What else you can do with Banner Ads CTR?

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There are some more steps for you to follow in order to better Banner ads with high CTR and to earn money from Traffic Brokers. Here’s what you have to take into consideration:


  1. Don’t miss a chance to use brands in your advertising. There is a couple of goals you can reach that way. First, it will make the banner look trustworthy. Second, brand’s name shows that the product you promote is high-quality. At last, people just like brand things.


When you add the logo to your banner, make sure it all has the same design and colors as your website has. This will have a positive influence on Banner ads with high CTR. In case you don’t have any logo, just use the website name.


  1. The info on banner should be easy to read. It might be tempting to use some exquisite fonts, but this isn’t the best thing to do. Such fonts are usually not easy to read and it takes time to understand what is on the banner. As we know, internet users are mostly lazy, so they’ll just leave the info unread, no matter how good the writing is.


It’s way better for Banner Ads CTR to use some standard fonts that are clear and easy to read. Also, make sure the letters are big enough and the writing doesn’t mix up with the rest banner elements.


  1. Always use CTA (call to action). This element is crucial to hook the visitors. CTA shows your audience what they have to do to get the product being promoted. All that means this element is essential, if you want to earn decent money from Affiliate Networks.


CTA is aimed to hook the visitors, so it has to be clearly visible on the banner. Think of what you want from your audience and form the appropriate message. It can be something like “Download now”, “Get a free trial” etc.

  1. Don’t overuse animation. It’s interesting when banners offer the users some interaction, but heavy graphic effects make them lose attention to the actual CTA message. In turn, it leads to lower CTR from your traffic. It’s way better to create good-quality static banners, which is proven by market trends. This will definitely bring more clicks than tons of animated elements.


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Use all the mentioned tips in a right way and you’ll be surprised, how high the CTR level can be.



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