Wallester: Physical and Virtual business Visa cards, White-Label branded cards

How do I open physical and virtual Visa business cards for my company with worldwide delivery? The company Wallester – Visa principal member – gives you the opportunity not only to provide cards to your staff, but also to provide an API for payments, setting limits and other things.

And also provide a full-fledged White-Label to create your own branded company cards.

This option is available to companies registered in the European Economic Area and the UK.


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Now the company has two solutions:

1. White-Label – where the company allows other organizations to issue VISA business cards under their brand for their customers.

2. Wallester Business – a card solution for corporate spending companies and sole proprietorships.

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These can be physical or virtual VISA cards, single-use or multi-use payment products. The cards can be prepaid or debit, but the most popular, of course, are credit cards.

By automating the uploading of invoices to the accounting department, Wallester simplifies budget management and reporting.

With the mobile app, customers can set limits for individual employees and compile statistics on each employee’s spending, categorizing purchases. User profiles can be created with individual permissions for specific spending categories allowed to the user.

All solutions are integrated through a unique REST API created by Wallester’s in-house development team. Easily integrated with any platform, this open API helps get customer programs up and running in no time.

And then there’s White-Label, which lets you release cards under your own brand. And that’s a serious bid to boost your company’s trust level.


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1. Versatility.

The platform allows you to instantly issue cards for any purpose. These can be debit, credit and prepaid cards for individuals and business customers. The cards can be used for instant payments, transfers, online shopping and ATM cash withdrawals.

The platform can be used to launch payroll projects, issue cards for mutual settlements with partners and suppliers, create gift, tourist, transport and other cards which require advance replenishment.

2. Security.

Wallester complies with all KYC/AML rules and requirements. Transaction participants are verified in real time against various databases, and the cardholder’s identity is identified in multiple ways to prevent third-party access.

Flexible KYC/AML rules and alerts are available. Additional protection is provided by the innovative 3D Secure security protocol, which implies additional verification by the payment card issuer during a transaction.

3. Innovations.

Virtual and physical cards issued on the Wallester platform can be quickly loaded into a digital wallet and used to make payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The product is easily customizable to any customer’s needs.

4. Convenience.

The cards provide instant access to credit in the cardholder’s account within a set limit. The card can be paid for at any time and in any place where Visa cards are accepted.

Wallester allows you to view real-time credit card spending details, which helps you take better control of your finances.

For customers, Wallester offers a web-based version of the platform and a convenient iOS and Android mobile app.

– View transactions and card lists;

– Applying for card issuance, activation, blocking and unblocking;

– Replenishment of account from IBAN account;

– Receiving transaction reports.


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Wallester instantly allows you to issue physical and virtual VISA business cards for any purpose. Particular attention should be paid to White Label which allows you to issue branded cards specifically for a particular client.

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. And it’s cool, don’t you agree? Not only will cards be available in a unified style, but also a platform with a mobile app.

White Label solutions are quick and easy to integrate: they take almost as long to implement and launch as anonymous card projects.

Wallester is a “Visa principal member,” making it a licensed Visa card issuer.

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And it provides a whole arsenal of capabilities:

– Issuing physical and virtual VISA cards for businesses;

– Cash withdrawal;

– Acquisition of merchants;

– Management of settlement risk;

– Organizing your own processing;

– Sponsoring others;

– Reporting processing;

– Direct BIN licensing;

– Registration of third-party agents;

And much more…

The countries where White-Label is available for Visa-branded business cards are the countries of the European Economic Area plus the United Kingdom.

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The company has created a universal solution for payment card branding. From legal aspects to card design and production, it provides a fully working solution.

Your company can issue branded virtual cards in just 1 month and physical cards in 3 months.


You can use your Wallester Business card immediately after issuance, without waiting for your physical card to arrive.

Full functionality is available in the Wallester app:

– Instantly top up your balance,

– Pay for purchases online,

– Tie the card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or other contactless payment systems.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Physical Visa cards for business are available to you in unlimited quantity – absolutely free – and do not depend on the chosen package.

Moreover, each plan already “contains” a certain number of free virtual cards:

Free – up to 300 virtual cards;

Premium – up to 3 000 virtual cards;

Platinum – up to 15 000 virtual cards;

Enterprise Suite – the number of virtual cards is set individually, depending on your business needs.

In this case, you can issue an unlimited number of additional “virtual cards” at a minimum price.

A virtual card is an ideal alternative to a classic card which has no physical carrier and is designed to make online payments in the same secure mode.

Can work within mobile applications with contactless payment wherever it is possible.

There are 2 variants of virtual cards available to customers as part of the Wallester Business program:

– One-time – for a single payment,

– Refillable – for repeated use.

These VISA cards for business are issued instantly and have all the necessary details for transactions.


In addition to issuing corporate expense cards for businesses and controlling expenses, Wallester Business has a number of other features, such as:

– Payment Approval – confirming employee purchase requests;

– Media buying – instant issuance of virtual cards for online ad buying and traffic arbitrage;

– Invoicing – the ability to upload invoices through the accounting app;

– Budget management – integrated accounting service;

– Reports – detailed information about all corporate expenses;

– Visa Platinum Benefits – employee and company rewards, such as lounge access when traveling, Visa Luxury Hotel discounts and more.

Wallester issues both personal credit/debit cards and company bank cards, and the brand has the ability to set Visa Gold, Platinum, Signature or Infinite privileges for them.

Employee limits

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You can set up limits individually for each card through a personal account on the web platform or in the Wallester mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can set daily and monthly limits for the most popular payment methods:

– Contactless payment;

– On-line purchases;

– POS payments;

– ATM withdrawals.


You can recharge your account by bank transfer via IBAN details.

Transfer is possible from any bank operating on the territory of European Economic Area and Great Britain.

The card account is opened in euros, but you can make payments in any currency. Conversion will be carried out automatically at the current exchange rate of the payment system.

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