ECOS mining affiliate program

ECOS mining affiliate program with the possibility of concluding a cloud mining contract and buying ASIC equipment with its placement on the farm.

The ECOS project itself is the largest mining farm with its own advanced equipment located in the free economic zone of Armenia and directly connected to the largest Hrazdan thermal power plant.

For those who want to make money on bitcoins and attract those who want it, this review of the affiliate program is dedicated ….

Free Economic Zone and ECOS

The site has been operating under the jurisdiction of Armenia since October 18, 2018. The government of the country has concluded an agreement with the company on providing opportunities to create a Free Economic Zone. The organizer of the Hrazdan free economic zone is precisely the company ECOS.

ECOS is an innovative ecosystem, which includes data centers, industrial mining centers, a venture fund, a research laboratory created for innovative developments, an educational platform, acceleration projects and an information and educational forum – the Armenian blockchain forum.

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On the territory of the Free Economic Zone there is a data center with installed powerful equipment from the manufacturer Bitmain.

As for the electricity supply: it is supplied by the largest thermal power plant in Armenia – Hrazdan located 100 meters from the Zone. Thus, there is definitely no interruption in electricity there.

What ECOS offers to you

The ECOS mining affiliate program offers several investment options:

  1. To rent equipment (teraheshes) for a certain time – cloud mining.
  2. Either purchase the equipment for your own use and place it on your hosting site, paying only for electricity and receiving income in cue ball through an affiliate mining program.

That is, the sale is carried out either by a cloud mining contract – when a user buys a service in the form of equipment capacity (TeraHashes) for a certain time. Or by buying ASIC equipment, its placement in a mining hotel and after-sales service.

The principle of interaction between the client and the affiliate program

The result of owning the Contract is the daily income from mining ECOS farm equipment. The user receives accruals on his balance in his account, from which he can withdraw earned money both in the form of accrued bitcoins and money on a bank card.

In the case of purchasing a Contract in an affiliate mining program, the client does not bear any risks associated with the possibility of breakage or theft of the device.

When buying equipment, the client receives a connection to the world’s largest mining pool (BTC com), round-the-clock service and cheap electricity. However, you can pick up equipment at any time by paying for the shipping cost.

The warranty on the purchased device is 6 months.

Payment is available both by credit card and cryptocurrency.

What in the end do you get from mining

Mining takes place on the most advanced equipment from Bitmain. You choose a contract for a certain number of TeraHashes and for a certain period.

Options for existing contracts.

affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program

In the second case of cooperation, choose the ASIC model on the site, pay with a card or crypt. The next day, ASIC is connected to the hosting site.

Get access to your personal account 24/7, get daily profit in BTC.

affiliate program

Starting from the second month, you pay for hosting (the amount of the monthly payment is fixed for 12 months) – payment either from the balance in cue ball or from a credit card.

Your profit will directly depend on several factors: the bitcoin exchange rate and the service fee of your contract.

affiliate program

On the main page of the project there is a detailed calculator.


• Reliable service
• Affordable and stable electricity
• Equipment is already available at ECOS warehouse – no need to wait for delivery, customs clearance, pay for logistics and so on
• The equipment is connected to the hosting the very next day after purchase.
• 180 days warranty period
• There is no limit on the period of use of the device (unlike the cloud, where 180 days, 365 or 720) – the equipment can work up to 5 years
• At the first request, the company will send you your ASIC to the specified address
• Daily payouts and withdrawals from 0.001 BTC

Earnings conditions in the affiliate mining program

Actual tariffs in the ECOS affiliate mining program:

• CPA Reg 5 $ Kpi – 25% of the purchase.
• Hybrid 1 $ Reg + RS Cloud Mining 5% and 1.5% for the sale of ASIC equipment
• Revenue Share 3-10%
• CPC model with a rate of $ 0.5 per click
• CPM model with a tariff of $ 10 per 1000 clicks

In general, in addition to standard tariffs, depending on the type of traffic, they are ready to discuss the conditions.

How to work in the mining affiliate program ECOS

Affise was taken as a platform, in which everything is clear without unnecessary words.

These are the very options for cooperation, the conditions under which I wrote above.

affiliate program

Creatives are available in GoogleDocs.

affiliate program

My personal opinion is that it’s unlikely to stop the spread of cryptocurrrencies, it has already firmly entered our lives. Legal activity of the company will allow investors to earn long time.

To make money online on crypto you can also use these affiliate programs.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC, which at the moment corresponds to approximately 10 dollars.

Frequency of payments – on request.

Payment systems – Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard.

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