Why does money love me, but as a friend?

Why can’t I get rich, get a decent job, or even save a decent sum of money? Today, let’s discuss the habits, actions, attitudes, and mindsets of people that lead them into poverty and/or prevent them from moving forward.

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So, here we go!


It is laziness and unwillingness to do anything, sometimes even to move.

Such people want to lie on the couch and make grand plans in their heads. And those plans are quite interesting and feasible, but they also often say: I will make it, I am still young, now I am just a little lazy, I am tired at work, with children, with my family, I will make it yet, I will make it, seriously.

Sometimes I have the feeling that the client is not talking to me, but to himself, justifying his inaction. Such people often, all their lives will make plans, but each one will postpone until better times, and then they will impose all their unrealized plans on their children, grandchildren and their environment.


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This is when a person constantly says that yes I know everything, why do I need to learn, why do I need to read everything, I do not have enough money and time to spend on it. Why do I need all of your courses? Go to college? Ha! I’ll just throw away 5 or more years of my life, and I can do a lot with this time.

Such people, very often show pride, he does not want to learn from anyone, no older, no better, no one. As a result he achieves little in life, but his whole life will tell others how they should live, work, where to go, where to go on vacation, what car to buy, etc.


This person likes an idle way of life, to have as much fun as possible, to put it simply, parties, meetings, parties. He likes to sleep longer and get up later.  I zh young yet (and the man without 5 min 25-30 by the way), it is necessary to have fun then do not have time, then the wife, children, life and so on.

We have seen adults who dress like teenagers, make a fuss somewhere, socialize with young people, and are so sure that everything is still ahead, that you are still only 16. Such people can drink, smoke or sit on other drugs, be a constant headache for parents or their partners, children are ashamed of them too.

But, they still understand that life goes by and there is nothing, but if he plunges into the real “reality”, it can swallow him up, update the true essence of things, his holey soul and he will go into a depressive state. so it is easier to live in a world of illusion and dreams.


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As strange as it may sound, but the constant savings, when a person is constantly looking for discounts in the stores, 2 as the price of 1, a potato at the other end of town is cheaper at 7 rubles, and he goes for it, not thinking that the still and spend for gasoline, looking at markets cheap goods, takes markdowns (like here and there mended and will be fine).

He saves on himself, he wears cheap clothes, bought at the market, he saves on medicines, on the quality of his life, he surrounds himself with the cheapest things possible. 

In such a person’s thinking is not sharpened under a person who has wealth, but on the contrary – a poor man. You may say, how then? Spend the last thing on a new clothes and the latest version of an iphone? Yes, I’d rather buy a child some sausages! If a person wants to live in abundance, he must accustom himself to live as if he has already got everything.

Let it be 1 bed linen, but good quality, 1 panties, but openwork. And then a person learns, moves away from the mindset of a poor man, and he has an incentive to multiply everything. It is necessary to think not about how to save more, but how to earn more.


Spending more than you can afford. When people take credits for unnecessary things or expensive gadgets, fur coats, just to show the world that you’re not a pauper, as they say, you don’t have to jump above something.

Such a person can live his life deserving respect and love from others, showing them not the true self, but the image that you have thought up. You may buy an expensive car, brag to your friends, but use a minibus to go to work, because you do not have the opportunity to service this car. It all looks comical and unnatural from the outside.

Such people are terribly insecure. You can’t imagine the anxiety and wild tension inside them, because of this they become aggressive and withdrawn. You need to set a goal, break it into smaller goals and objectives, and slowly go towards them, plus you need to properly prioritize. And be sure to praise yourself for every achievement.


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When a person dreams about money, big money, in his head he makes plans, what he will spend it on, where he will go, what he will buy. So he lives in a world of dreams. And instead he must think about the fact that he must have a profession, which he likes, a job, which brings him pleasure, and he must try to monetize this pleasure. 

And the main thing is that money should not be the goal, if it were, then you reach your goal at the end of each month, when your card receives a salary, but it’s not what you want. Think about the process, think about what you like, think about how cool it is to create your projects, how your brainchild grows before your eyes, you have to burn with it!

Dreaming is certainly not a bad thing, but it’s better to turn dreams of money into goals. And do not forget to ask yourself: what do you need the money for, what do they give you, what do they mean to you? Think of the cartoon “Duck Tales”, the main character Scrooge McDuck and what, so he earned that money and every day counted them several times. Or money to you is freedom.

Also take apart your childhood/adolescent fear, where this feeling came from, what preceded it, what story you or your parents had, why you want money so badly and not just money, but big money.


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This is your environment. Take a close look at who is around you. Are there successful people among them? If you’re always hanging out with someone who has a plus-minus the same situation and mindset, then I congratulate you, you’re in a state of stagnation or even steeper regression.

What’s the downside? You think that all people are more or less the same: life, life, family, work, income. You don’t have to talk about the disadvantages, they are there.  Choose your environment carefully. Sometimes it is better to give up everything that pulls you down, zero in, go into a state of introspection and reborn as a Phoenix bird.

 Listen to other people as little as possible. Often people tell us when we share our ideas and plans, yes you won’t make it, yes you can’t, yes look how crazy crazy the competition is and you begin at that moment to give the back of your dream, ruin it, clip its wings. 

You show those people that yes, they win.  Or when you realize that you’re at the beginning stage and something doesn’t go your way, you start to think, well yeah, sure, they told me that nothing would work, that there’s a lot of competition, that all these niches are already taken, yeah maybe they were right, I’ll leave it all and go work for somebody else.

Drumroll, you lost! And congratulations to you.


This constant desire to help someone, because he otherwise can not (this is from the words of clients). The person doesn’t know how to say NO. Thanks to our parents who didn’t teach us that.

For example we owe our parents, because they need it more, they are sick, because they gave you, invested in, thus you are inspired with guilt and you will owe your parents for the rest of your life. 

Or your friend calls you and asks you to help her baby-sit or to lend her money. Or the husband goes to the other end of town to help a friend take something somewhere and spends all day doing it, to the detriment of himself and his family.

The needs of the other are primary, and I’m what, and then I’m what. Such people live, again, in a sense of indebtedness. This makes them very tense, anxious, unable to refuse, and then internal tension accumulates and this develops into psychosomatic illness, or a person becomes very aggressive, but pours it out on their loved ones (on their partners, children) or manifests itself as autoaggression.


Thinking that it is indecent to love money, that you cannot earn money by honest work, that money is only in the hands of the authorities, some swindlers, mafiosi, and so on. Hello, savage and all that has been indoctrinated there. Plus to this I would add such a concept as mass hypnosis.

One has to think of the party, the union, the collective farm, and so on. An example from my childhood: don’t take too much, be satisfied with a little, stay out of it, finish what you have on your plate, or you might not have it all later (i.e. the store and the shelves will suddenly run out of food, we’ll all die of hunger and poverty).

Of course, I can understand the psychology of people who survived the war, the siege, the shortage, but to instill this in children, and they their own, then we will certainly never get rid of the mindset: be content with little.


Invest in knowledge, develop your intellect, you don’t have to steal in order to earn something.

So how do you help yourself?


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It is necessary to travel. To see how other people live, other nationalities, other worlds.  Travel helps push this slave mentality out of your head. You have to slowly prepare yourself for a good and delicious life.

Plan trips, allow yourself a little more, not this, go somewhere and act like you’re at home and also pack a plate of food and go to your room. It’s just so flawed looking.


How you can listen to toxic people less, how it can turn out-read above. And also, every time someone says something to you, then mentally ask yourself: why is he talking like that, what goal he has, why is it important to him, what will it get him?

Believe me, other people do not want you to achieve their goals, then on your background that person will not look in the best light, it is easier to waste energy and keep you than to move forward themselves.


You should not think more about the money I will earn, but you should think about the process itself, about the results, enjoy the achievements that you achieve every day! live here and now, not the future.

Otherwise, when you reach your goal you will not have a feeling of satisfaction, but only I’ve worked hard all my life like a horse, and it’s already gone (even though you’re a rich man).


Don’t devalue yourself! Praise, praise, praise for your every achievement, for every victory, even the smallest one. In this case, you teach your brain to be in a state of elation, euphoria, to produce dopamine.

Don’t complicate your own life. Perhaps you were praised as a child only for great achievements, think about it.


Make sure you work on your image, on your image, rehearse your speech in front of the mirror, use the right non-verbalism and paraverbalism.

A man who wears jeans for $10, and some strange stretchy T-shirt with an awful print and talks like, Cheta, and other things, while waving his arms, like Wolverine, obviously will not attract money, any interesting projects, that is, you have to initially behave as if you were already a rich man.

What I’m saying is that your image and image, must match your thoughts.


Boost your self-esteem, pump up your strengths, focus less on your weaknesses. Do not try to become a superhuman, you just waste yourself and your energy.

It is like in school to be an excellent student, but I do not like excellent students, they do not know anything, parents put pressure on them and demand to be the first and best everywhere, it strongly hinders a person to show their individuality, charisma, their character and as a rule there are a lot of people with low self-esteem and insecure.


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Sports, healthy eating, and annual check-ups with doctors. Start with yourself, then move on.

Healthy environment.

Surround yourself with people who have achieved more, learn from them, listen to lectures, increase your self-education, search on the Internet, read books.


Study history, biographies of famous people, study not only in your field but also in other fields, be versatile.

And also try to be an interesting conversationalist, it makes you feel good.

I am not a robot.


It is not necessary to perform the same actions to get a different result. Change one action at a time and observe. Try again and again, changing only 1 action. This is not a waste of time, but gain experience. But then, you will know exactly what steps do not need to do and what this or that action may lead to.

I hope this article will be useful to you. And money will stop loving you as a friend. That with money you can move to another level of relationship where each side will only benefit. I wish you a delicious, passionate relationship with money. But remember, you shouldn’t get into a relationship with money.

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