How to increase CPM rates on your site

How to increase CPM rates on your site in order to make more money ononline? There are a couple ways to do that, but let’s talk about Cost Per Mile itself first. Actually, it’s probably the easiest way to earn some buck online by monetizing your website.

If we talk about CPM, visitors don’t have to click on your ads at all. They just have to see them, which means your main goal is to get as many viewers as possible. In case you’re wondering how to increase CPM rates on your site, it’s the main thing to focus on.

You should understand that Cost Per Mile principal won’t bring you as much money as PPS, PPA or PPI on CPA Networks. At the same time, this affiliate marketing sphere requires way less efforts from marketers. All you need is a website with many visitors and a good CPM offer.

How to increase CPM rates on your site: the way it all works

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It’s important to understand what brings you money here before trying to find out how to increase CPM rates on your site. There are two possible options to work with. First, you can work directly with advertisers.

Their ads will be placed on your site and you’ll earn a certain amount of money for a thousand impressions. Such approach has both advantages and disadvantages. It’ll definitely give you the maximum possible profit. On the other hand, you’ll have to negotiate directly with advertisers and spend time finding the ones that suit your website best.

You’d better spend it trying to figure out how to increase CPM rates on your site. Moreover, the mentioned approach often presumes some other expenditures, which will be deducted from your income in the end.

The second option is to find some trustworthy networks with lucrative affiliate programs. The good thing is that these networks will do a decent amount of your job and negotiate with advertisers. The bad thing is that they’ll take a part of your income for this. These networks are like intermediaries between you and advertisers.

Tips to better CPM rates

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There are some tips, which will tell you how to increase CPM rates on your site. Let’s take a closer look on them:

1. The quality of your traffic does matter. Make sure that there are not many bots among your viewers. This will help you get better rates. Moreover, there is a high possibility to be banned by network if your traffic is full of bots.

2. Device type may have a big influence on your rates. Everything depends on your content. If it’s more focused on mobile, then mobile ads will make you more money. That’s another tip how to increase CPM rates on your site.

3. Take care about volumes. Big networks often work only with sites that have at least a couple thousands of monthly views. Moreover, if you have large audience, you’re able to negotiate about higher rates. It’s OK, cause now networks are interested in you and there is a room for personal rates improvement. So, make sure you’ve spent enough time on building your website and engaging visitors in order to make them regular viewers. It all is probably the best way how to increase CPM rates on your site.

4. Make sure you work with right GEOs. It all depends on your content and the ads that are shown on your site. If your content is focused on a certain GEO, your ads should suit it. This way you’ll definitely earn more money on CPM. Also, you can expect the best possible rates by delivering right traffic to the right network.

Some other thing you should know about improving your CPM rates

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One more way how to increase CPM rates on your site is to choose right networks. The same website will get different rates from different networks. It all depends on many things, including the network’s commission.

Though you definitely want to give them as small amount of money as possible, it’s not always the best option. Not all the networks with high rates are trustworthy, so make sure you choose balance between quality and possible earnings.

The next tip how to increase CPM rates on your site is to use the right language for your content. Depending on traffic, the best choice might be local language or English. Together with offers, which are focused on people using a certain language, it all will help you get much higher rates from networks. If you’re able to deliver the exact traffic required, you’ll always earn more.

Talking about ads, it does matter when you place them when trying to find out how to increase CPM rates on your site. You usually get better results when your ads are easy to notice. It might be the top of the page ore side bars.

A few final tips

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There are a couple things that influence your possible CPM rates. First, it’s your volumes, which was mentioned a bit earlier. Second, it’s specific demographics.

Narrow targeting can make you a lot of money. The last tip here how to increase CPM rates on your site is to be an authority in your industry, which automatically makes all your traffic way more valuable.

The last thing you should remember is that different marketing verticals have different rates. Make sure you’ve chosen one, which is able to deliver high earnings.

This tip how to increase CPM rates on your site is more than important. You won’t make big money if there is no one willing to pay for your traffic in the industry.

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