Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website is often considered as something that doesn’t promise any substantial profit. Still, this statement is definitely wrong. It’s great to have a website, but there are many ways to make good money on Affiliate Programs without your own one.

Moreover, in some cases the income might be higher than you can expect. You just have to find the right approach and be a bit creative. Lets look closer at schemes that you can use to make money in the affiliate marketing sphere even without a website.

Making profit in Affiliate Marketing without a Website

1. Email advertising is one of the best ways to make money in this sphere. Websites are not the only place you can get a list of emails. Think about social networks for example.

They’ll give you tons of such stuff. Use social media marketing to form your audience, interested in the things you’ll promote. When the right time comes, you’ll present them a product via referral link. As your subscribers, they’ll consider it as something valuable that you share with them. You can work with CPA Networks on this basis, for example.

2. YouTube videos are another source of potential income in terms of Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.

Create a channel and try to get as many subscribers as possible. You can do that by giving your visitors a really useful info that is interesting or helpful. After that you can start to promote goods or services you want, but note that they should match the topic of your channel.

3. The third way to be successful in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website is to use blogs and forums as a source of traffic.

In the first case you can insert links into your posts. Remember that it shouldn’t look like spam or something that doesn’t have any value. Bring some valuable info with you posts and the audience will trust you when you recommend them related products.

If we talk about forums, the advertising scheme is similar. Still, make sure the forum rules doesn’t prohibit this. Again, you should be a useful and a trusted member to make it all work. You’ll have to create a good background before you start. The other members should consider you as an expert, otherwise they’ll just ignore your ad links or even complaint about them.

4. Traffic Arbitrage on CPC basis is one more form of Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.

Here you require some initial budget. The idea is that you spend money on traffic and direct it to the offers that will give you more. Your income is the difference between the purchasing price and the offer reward. This method is quite similar to what Traffic brokers advise to their subscribers.

The CPC arbitrage also has one big advantage: you know what kind of traffic you buy and where you direct it. All that means that the visitors are already interested in the thing you promote, which makes it easier to get conversions. Still, this approach also requires precise testing and a certain market research.

5. The fifth way to make money in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website is to publish your own e-books.

First, they can be a source of income itself, if they worth reading, of course. Second, you can insert ad links in the text, which will direct the readers to the appropriate offers.

There is a couple of crucial things here. The main is that the content of the book should be really interesting to motivate people read it from the beginning to the end. The other important thing is that links should be relevant. It will be weird if you write about cars and the link directs the readers to some adult website.

I recommend you to start with the following affiliate programs:




As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to become successful in Affiliate Marketing without a Website. You just have to find the right approach to the issue.

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