How to avoid ban on Facebook affiliate marketing

How to avoid ban on Facebook affiliate marketing and not to lose money on your campaign? Everyone who works in this niche will definitely be more than happy to find it out. Each account block is a big loss of funds and time, so it’s crucial to know the ways to prevent it and to fix everything as swift as possible.

There are several reasons why the social network might consider your account as a not trustworthy one. In most cases it happens when you don’t stick to the internal advertising rules on purpose or just because you’re aren’t aware of them. If you want to know how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing, you’d better look through them.

The second reason is the way you use your account. Your actions might be considered suspicious. At last, there might be blocking because of some mistake or misunderstanding. Let’s now look a bit closer on the whole issue to find the ways how to prevent a Facebook Account Ban and how to unblock it.

A few tips how to avoid ban on Facebook affiliate marketing

The world’s largest social network does care about its reputation and users. The only way how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing is to respect this and to build your campaign in the appropriate fashion. You should know that the company will better block bad and even good ads than let them harm or discomfort the users. There are several reasons why it all might happen.

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Bad Facebook ads

A good tip how to avoid block on facebook is not to use such advertisements, when using CPA Networks. You’ll probably won’t lose the account if it happens once, but it will definitely happen if you continue to post bad ads or the users will complaint about them.

So, how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing in such case? The first thing to figure out is why do the social network’s inbuilt algorithms may consider your ads (and the destination page where they lead) as bad or harmful. There are some obvious reasons. It shouldn’t be forbidden by the country’s laws and it shouldn’t insult users. Also, the ads will be blocked if they’re made to manipulate and to mislead the viewers.

Still, there are way more tips how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing you need to know. Here are a couple of reasons why your account might be stopped:

  1. Your ad pictures shouldn’t contain too much text. The limit is about 20%. There is a special inbuilt tool to check whether the rate is OK. The only exception to the rule mentioned above is books advertising. It’s obvious that the cover page will contain more text. If you disobey the rule, your account won’t be under risk. At the same time, the ad won’t be shown or it will be shown less frequently.
  1. The next way how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing is not to promote adult sphere goods, services and content.
  1. Don’t use the users’ personal characteristics to promote anything. It’s a good tip how to Prevent a Facebook Account Ban, cause you’re not allowed to use religion, race etc in your ad creatives.
  1. You’d better not try to mislead the viewers by fake buttons and functions like video playback, for example.
  1. It’s no good to use something that shows fake before and after results or to promote financial products, which “will deliver high earnings to everyone”. That’s one more helpful advice how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing that will prevent you from losing money.
  1. Don’t use low-quality ad creatives. Text pieces with many mistakes, blurred pictures and a lot of useless punctuation marks – all that will be harmful to your campaign. You’d better be more scrupulous with this, cause it’s a helpful tip how to avoid block on facebook.
  1. Your ads shouldn’t direct the viewers to PDF and JPEG pages, or the ones that launch an automatic file download.
  1. The last advice here how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing is not to promote such things as alcohol, gambling, loans, medicine and dating without the network’s check and permission.

Facebook wants you to be polite and ethical

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The world’s biggest social network operates under certain principles, which are the keystone of its policy concerning advertisers. One of them is maximum possible politeness and harmlessness for every user. You’d better check whether your ad content meets this criterion, and it’ll be one more way how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing.

Also, the network considers family as one of the most important things in every community, including the virtual one. Think of such fact: it’s forbidden to target dating ads at users, who set “married” or “in relationship” status. Respecting this principal will be the best tip how to Prevent a Facebook Account Ban.

Suspicious account activity

Facebook tries to do its best to save your account from any possible fraud, but sometimes it cares too much and a certain misunderstanding might happen. To get to know how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing you have to be aware of all the possible issues.

There are a few reasons here why your account may be blocked:

  • You use a different IP or log in from another country;
  • the name on your bank card and in your profile don’t correspond;
  • you add a new administrator, whose account is already blocked;
  • you use someone else’s bank card;
  • the payment method is changed;
  • the advertising funds limit raises abruptly;
  • the balance is being topped up with unusually big sum of money.

Possible mistakes

Even if you know how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing, it might happen that a certain mistake will occur. The network uses advanced algorithms and have a lot of qualified employees, but even they might be sometimes wrong.

It all happens cause Facebook works with millions of business-pages every day. If you’re sure that a certain misunderstanding takes place, just contact the support service and try to explain them the whole issue. They’ll definitely fix everything, in case they were really wrong.

Tips to unblock the Facebook account

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You know now how to avoid ban on facebook affiliate marketing, but if it happens anyway, what will you do, when you need to stop CPA Traffic? There are a couple of things you should be aware of. Here is a list of short advices for such situations:

  1. Be polite and don’t press too much. Being rude won’t work and it’s not the way how unblock on facebook.
  1. Ask for a phone call. It’s always better to have a live conversation with the support team member. This will help you solve all the issues much faster. Note that they use English to communicate with requesters.
  1. Think of every question and issue you’d like to talk about with the support team not to forget anything during the conversation.
  1. Don’t miss a call. You’ll only have two chances and it might happen that they’ll call you not in the best time for you to answer. Take it all serious, cause it’s the swiftest way how unblock on facebook.

It’s better to prevent ban and to be ready for all the possible consequences

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Your goal is to earn money, but not to lose it. So, you have to know all about the issue and prepare your affiliate campaign so that there won’t be any losses even if the account is blocked. Here are some advices for online marketers:

  1. Spend some time on reading the rules before actually promoting something. It’ll cost little efforts but save you a lot of money. This is probably the most important tip how to Prevent a Facebook Account Ban.
  1. Use Business Manager. It will make it easier to add administrators, manage pages and use various payment methods.
  1. Use your real bank card with the sufficient amount of funds on it. And try not to top up balance via online payment systems like PayPal, cause they’re not in favor of the network.
  1. Try to use the same IP. If you log in from an unusual one, your account might be blocked because of fraud suspicion. It’s one more way how to Prevent a Facebook Account Ban.
  1. Don’t pour a lot of funds into the account just after the launch. Give it some time, cause the network is suspicious about newcomers.
  1. Delete all the bad ads that were rejected by the system but are still present in your account.
  1. Always have your passport and ID digital copies. You’ll need them if any issue occurs and you’ll have to make the request for support service.
  1. The last tip how to avoid block on facebook is not to appoint administrators, whose pages are under ban.

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A short conclusion

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The world’s largest social network does care about its users, so you have to check all your ads and content before posting. Facebook will be a great source of income for every marketer, in case he/she doesn’t disobey the rules and respect the users.

You should also remember that there are only few issues that are impossible to fix. In most cases you just have to be polite but courageous to tell about the problem and it’ll definitely be solved in the end.

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