Conversion on Dating Offers

Conversion on Dating Offers is not something you can get without any efforts. If you work with CPA Networks, you’ll have to persuade the visitors to commit a specific action, which is often a purchase.

Pay per lead model seems to be much easier in this case, but there are some problems to solve here too. The main issue is lead quality. If it’s OK, everyone gets the desired results.

Advertisers receive new customers, visitors get useful products, while Conversion on Dating Offers earns you good money. In turn, if the quality is low, it will definitely drive significant losses to you.

So, what kind of leads are considered as good or bad quality ones? The main criterion is their value. If there is no chance they’ll become paid customers, then the leads are considered as low quality. This category usually includes bot traffic and the visitors, which search only for free content. On the other hand, if such chances are high, so is the quality.

Conversion on Dating Offers: lead quality improvement

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PPL model doesn’t presume you have to sell something like it often happens when working with CPA Networks. Still, you have to be sure you’ll deliver good quality leads to receive high reward. Here are some tips to reach that:

1. Make sure your traffic is free from bots. You can do it by running the campaign on low budget and cutting the placements, which received to many impressions. Bot traffic is a huge problem for the whole Affiliate Marketing sphere, so take it seriously.

2. Conversion on Dating Offers also depends on sales copy. If it’s made wrong, it’ll bring low quality leads in most cases. That always happens when you write something like “get it for free”. The ones, who’ll click, in 99,9% of cases won’t become paid customers. A great alternative is to offer free trial with payments in the future.

3. It’s always important to be creative. If your images and sales copy are junk, you’ll receive the appropriate traffic and leads. Conversion on Dating Offers requires constant work and improvement of ad creatives, so that they attract the right kind of traffic.

4. Check out what generates low quality leads using sub IDs (it might be images, placements etc). To avoid this, try premium websites and a RON option when working with major ad sources.

5. Avoid placements that deliver niche traffic. Such kind of leads will barely transform into paid customers.

What else you can do?

Right targeting is one more important thing, if we talk about Conversion on Dating Offers. You should have a complete info about the traffic, which is accepted, and the offer itself. It will help you to tune your targeting in the appropriate way.

When you deal with various Affiliate Programs, demographics is also something you should treat seriously. How does it influence the lead quality? Well, the statistics shows that people over 30 mostly have higher purchasing power than younger ones.

Moreover, they’re less prone to looking for free content. It all means they have great chances to become paid customers. Adjust your targeting according to these facts.

Have problems with advertisers?

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If you deal with Traffic Arbitrage, be ready to solve such issues. The first thing you could do when received a warning is to ask about the reasons. Many advertisers will answer you what is wrong and what to improve.

You can also inquire the info about low-quality leads to find their source. Also, check the funnel, in case you work directly with the advertiser. At last, make sure your ad creatives are made in a right way.

Lets presume you’ve made all the changes needed, what is the next step? It would be a great idea to ask for a feedback after sending a portion of new leads. That will show you whether the changes worked. If low-quality leads still occur, keep on working or try to sell them cheaper.

In some cases advertisers might not accept the leads even after all your improvements. It doesn’t mean you failed to rise the leads’ quality. It just happens that advertisers want too much, so you’d better switch to any similar offer.

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