Digital Advertising Strategies

Digital Advertising Strategies is something you’ll definitely need in this fast-growing sphere. Technologies are constantly developing, creating new opportunities for Traffic Arbitrage. Be the one who will use it now to receive high profits in the future.

So, what should you do in this developing and changing world? There is a couple of methods you can use to catch the moment and build your advertising campaign in a right way. Lets take a close look on them to understand how they all work.

What Digital Advertising Strategies you can use?

affiliate markerting

There are few approaches to master here. Each one gives you a certain privilege over your competitors. Use all of them wisely to reach the best effect possible.

Don’t lose impressions with real-time bidding

When working with any Traffic broker on CPM basis, a problem of undervalued and overvalued impressions appears. What does it mean? Well, advertisers receive hundreds and thousands of impressions with the same price payed for one. In turn, each impression has different value. One of Digital Advertising Strategies will help you to solve the issue.

Advertisers know that some impressions will deliver good profit, while the others are just waste. So, they don’t want to buy them in a bulk, which leads to losses for publishers too. What you can do is to use RTB method. Real-time bidding gives you a mechanism to sell separate impressions with their own price.

For advertisers it means the ability to choose what they really need. At the same time, publishers have a chance to sell the traffic volumes they have for a relevant price. In this case Digital Advertising Strategies will do a favor for both publishers and advertisers.

Note that real-time bidding works very fast. Everything happens in fractions of a second, even before the page is loaded by the visitor.

Behavior-oriented targeting

affiliate markerting

There are many parameters for targeting you can try. The question is how to combine them and use in the most effective way. The answer is to do to that according to the visitors’ behavior.

It includes the purchase history, demographics, GEOs, website visiting history etc. This kind of Digital Advertising Strategies allows you to show the visitors exactly what they want and need.

Use native advertising

One of the biggest problems in the Affiliate Marketing sphere is banner blindness. Native ads are your key to overcome the issue and receive high profit.

They’re much more effective than standard ad types, cause they don’t look like ads at all. Native ads are similar to the site content and the visitors consider it as a natural part of the website. Although native advertising is among the most effective Digital Advertising Strategies, it might be rather pricey.

Ads and mobile video content

Videos are among the things you’ll meet everywhere in the web. So, why not to monetize them? Work with CPA Networks or directly with advertisers.

Your audience is almost unlimited here. Think of social networks with millions of their users. There is a couple of crucial tips to advertise on videos right.

First, ads should be relevant to the content. Second, they should have strong CTA. At last, it would be great to use ads that include interaction with the users.

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