Url Shortener Affiliate Marketing

Url Shortener Affiliate Marketing allows you to make money on related affiliate programs. One of them is ShorteSt. It offers you simple and effective marketing tools together with high rates and other benefits.

Url shorteners are often overlooked by affiliates, but that is not what you should do. Such programs give you a very easy way to make good money, so use it before your competitors will do so.

Now let’s talk about Url Shortener Affiliate Marketing with ShorteSt. What advantages does the program have? How to work with it? Let’s answer all these questions step by step.

Url Shortener Affiliate Marketing with ShorteSt

When you use such kind of services, visitors will see ads every time they click. The ads will be shown for 10 -15 seconds and then visitors will get the info they searched for. It all allows you to receive more profit without using aggressive advertising and disturbing the users too much. You’ll be paid for every redirect.

If we talk about GEOs, Url Shortener Affiliate Marketing with ShorteSt allows you to work with worldwide audience. Your earnings will be different for Each GEO.

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Visitors from tier 1 countries will deliver the highest earnings, while the ones from tier 3 will bring way lower revenue. Still, you shouldn’t worry about this, cause ShorteSt has decent rates even for tier 2 and tier 3 GEOs.

For example, it’s $1,55 for Russia, $0,83 for Ukraine and $1,13 for Kazakhstan.

What tools does ShorteSt have?

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ShorteSt allows to earn some money to almost everyone, who has any content to upload on sites, forums etc. Still, let’s talk now about more professional approach.

So, how to earn money on Url Shortener Affiliate Marketing with ShorteSt?

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The affiliate program gives you many tools for that. Here you’ll get the following:

1. Individual statistics for every URL in the table or graphic form.

2. Massive shortener function. Allows you to work with many Urls at one time.

3. An embedded WordPress plugin.

4. The API is also available in the system.

If we talk about payments, the minimum sum here is $5. You can get the money via PayPal, Payoneer or Webmoney. The withdrawal is possible once a month.

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