How social media platforms and e-commerce solutions can become friends

Instagram and TikTok have long ceased to be just platforms with entertaining content. They are full-fledged stores: a huge number of brands use accounts as storefronts. Social networks are responding by introducing new features, like Instagram Shopping.

And by entering into partnerships – TikTok and Shopify have done so. Brands are actively promoting their pages through both targeted advertising and advertising with bloggers: more than 50% of the companies partnering with Influencers are ecommerce companies.


Social networks targeting kids and teens (such as Likee and TikTok) have been booming in recent years. Kids are able to get parents to spend a lot of money to buy the services and products that their peer bloggers advertise.

That’s why brands are increasingly willing to partner with little Influencers. And you can go this way to make money with offers from CPA Networks.

Some countries have responded legislatively to this trend. France introduced a law to protect children from exploitation on online platforms. All money earned by a child is set aside until he or she reaches the age of 16.


affiliate programs

If previously when choosing a blogger advertiser focused on personal taste and discretion, now more and more often for the choice of influencer mainly use dry numbers.

For example, advertisers often look at the audience engagement rate before starting to work with a blogger. And after the campaign, they evaluate such parameters as ROI, conversion to purchases and others.


affiliate programs

Simply put, this is the promotion of Influencer publications through official social media advertising, where the blogger gives his advertiser (brand or agency) access to his Instagram account and Facebook business page. In 2021, the media component had about 80 percent of ad campaigns.

In this case, the brand has several goals: to get wide reach, generate traffic to the site, and increase sales. This has a positive effect on the brand by retargeting the blogger’s audience and reducing the cost of traffic.

Retargeting is a mechanism by which online advertising is directed to those users who have somehow shown interest in a particular product or service.

The blogger benefits by paying extra for content and access rights, reducing the amount of advertising in the account and reducing negativity from the audience.


Brands prefer to use ad campaigns based on flights. These are individual short parts of a large-scale advertising campaign, limited to specific timelines. After each flyer, organizers evaluate its effectiveness and adjust the next steps.

This helps you understand the results of the campaign more quickly and change your strategy if necessary.


Brands became more careful in selecting bloggers for collaboration: many companies were not looking for a one-time advertising campaign, but for a strong and long-term partnership.

One Influencer could promote several of the advertiser’s products at once.


affiliate programs

They appeared several years ago, but brands still actively use their opportunities. These Influencers are apolitical, always healthy, alert and ready to go. In the spring of 2021, virtual blogger Knox Frost (708,000 Instagram followers) collaborated with WHO.

Lil Miquela (three million followers on Instagram), a blogger who looks like a young girl, collaborated with international cosmetics brand Mac Cosmetics in February.

Blogger Nunuyuri (383,000 followers on Instagram), with a distinctly doll-like appearance, often appeared in outfits by Balenciaga, Gucci and Valentino and promoted the Honor smartphone.


They can’t be called full-fledged trends, but they are striking features of modern influencer marketing.

The ambassadorship trend is evolving: brands are increasingly betting on evangelists. Regular employees, whose accounts do not have a large number of subscribers, often appear in this role. They don’t engage in direct advertising, but they represent the brand’s interests nonetheless.

Moderation in campaign messages: The body-positive and feminist movements do not give up their positions. Brands have repeatedly withdrawn their advertising materials and publicly apologized, hurting the feelings of some social groups.

Clear evaluation of the impact of the advertising campaign with influxers: adequate and relevant metrics, clear and “countable” methods of evaluation and verification of results.

The use of transparent and consistent pricing. Pricing chaos is minimized in commercial relations with bloggers, and a systematic approach to integration pricing is used.

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