How to earn money on movie and gaming sites

How to earn money on movie and gaming sites by monetizing web traffic? The best idea is to find a good CPA Network and send it there. In this case, Ad-Center will be a perfect choice for every affiliate and webmaster.

This CPA network was founded in 2012 and operates now for more than 6 years. The company is based in Canada and it’s one of the leaders in its niche. It has the best tools for you to make profit on such content as movies, games, music, books etc.

Working with Ad-Center is probably the best tip how to earn money on movie and gaming. So, let’s look a bit closer on its Affiliate Program to see all the benefits it delivers.

How to earn money on movie and gaming: Ad-Center program review

affiliate program

There are a couple of things you have to know about Ad-Center before you’ll launch your campaign:

1. You’ll get access to a good many of offers with the payout rates up to $57 per conversion. It will help you receive the highest possible profit from your website monetization.

2. Ad-Center campaign is also a perfect way how to earn money on movie and gaming, cause you’ll get a lot of useful tools. One of them is the ability to create your own ads.

3. There is an inbuilt advanced tracking system, which will help you analyze all the conversion data and improve your campaign. You can create a detailed report and look through it online or download it as a single file from admin panel.

4. Offers are tied to landing pages, so you choose a full pack at once. You’ll find about 40 landings available to work with.

affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program

There are two ways how to earn money on movie and gaming with the network. The first option is for the ones who have their website with appropriate content.

All you need to do here is to register. Then you launch a campaign, create or choose ads and add the special code to your web resource. That’s everything you need to start making hundreds and thousands bucks per month.

affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program

The second option how to earn money on movie and gaming is for affiliates who don’t have their own website and content. You also have to register, create a campaign and pick ads here. The only difference is that you’ll get traffic in another way than webmasters do. Just find a good place to buy quality traffic and then send it to the affiliate program.

It’s very important to track everything and do some testing. It will help you improve your campaign and get higher profits. That’s one more tip how to earn money on movie and gaming.

Creating your campaign

affiliate program

There are several steps to follow to launch a campaign and start making some buck with Ad-Center. First, you have to create one and give it a name. Then is time to tune ad zones.

You can also go directly to “Get ads” part on this stage.

affiliate program

The next step is to pick a certain landing page from more than 40 ones available in the system.

On the 4th stage you can just use direct link.

The fifth step on your way how to earn money on movie and gaming is selecting a specific ad format. Depending on the one you’ve picked, the last step with affiliate campaign will be to choose a certain type within the format and localization language.

affiliate program

When everything is done, you’ll be able to see a pre-view to understand how it all will look like. Then get an iframe code, which you have to add to your website.

Other things you should know about the network

In addition to all the available options how to earn money on movie and gaming, Ad-Center offers you sweepstakes from direct advertiser.

affiliate program
affiliate program

They’ll deliver really high rates. Still, the only opportunity to work with them is to make a direct live request to the support.

affiliate program

If we talk about payout terms and conditions, they depend on the payment system you use. The list of the lowest limits looks in the following way:

1. Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Mayzus – $1000.

2. Webmoney, Yandex, Epayments – $500.

3. Payoneer – $250.

4. Paypal, Paxum – $100.

You can withdraw funds twice a month.

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