Internet marketing conference Traffic Summit 2022

You’ll spend two days in comfort at the Traffic Summit conference for webmasters, which will be held in Istanbul on September 28-29, 2022.

It’s no longer hot, and Turkey will be in its “holiday season”. And it’s a great opportunity not only to swim on a private beach, but also to meet with colleagues, make useful business acquaintances and learn what new things have happened this summer.

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So that, armed with new knowledge and tools, you can go after your “money Moby Dick”.

Digital marketing and all its possible variations in terms of making money on the Internet – 2 days and 3000 participants – at the international conference Traffic Summit 2022. Two days of maximum comfort, each with its own format for the freest immersion in the space.

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All significant areas will be covered:

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Internet Marketing
  • NFT
  • Blockchain
  • E-commerce
  • Facebook and Google affiliate campaigns….

And much more.

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The venue for the first day of the Traffic Summit 2022 conference for webmasters is the Haliç Congress Center. Its format is a digital universe with exhibition areas, speakers’ reports and a free environment.

Along with the presentations, everyone will have a great opportunity to talk to the exhibiting companies. And there will be plenty of representatives, because the Traffic Summit 2022 conference on Internet marketing is universal in terms of the areas presented. Everyone will find what they are looking for here.

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On the second day, all guests will go to a private island, where the atmosphere will be even more congenial and open to communication. On this day, more than 50 reports from representatives of different areas on lead generation, cryptocurrencies, marketing, and other useful and necessary things for a person who earns from modern technology on the Internet.

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The second day will be a spectacular dive into an oriental tale. A private island, where the socializing already moves to a more informal channel. The speakers will continue their reports there as well: in short, every minute of your time can be planned and occupied with what is really interesting and useful to you.

The organizers made sure that you have the opportunity to buy rooms in hotels in Istanbul at a discount.

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During the conference, the winners of the international World Traffic Award (WTA) in the field of digital marketing will be announced. Eleven different areas will be represented. Winners will be chosen through free voting, which will be held in 2 stages.

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Any affiliate programs, CPA networks, companies, and advertising agencies can nominate themselves. Maybe you’d like to run for office, too? Go for it!

You can buy tickets for the conference Traffic Summit 2022 in Istanbul on the official website of the event.

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At the moment their price is as follows.

Please note that it varies depending on the date of purchase. The earlier you buy them, the less money you will give away.

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The event is quite large-scale and in terms of time and place is ideal for a change of scenery and comfortable work and rest. In Turkey at this time of year, the water to air temperature ratio is ideal. Bring swimming trunks and swimsuits: you will need them.

The promo code KUPRUM gives you a 12% discount on the purchase of Traffic Summit tickets.

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