How to Earn Money with SmartLink

How to Earn Money with SmartLink – it is the question almost every affiliate asks when he first meets this smart tool. It is a rather young marketing instrument, which gains more and more popularity day after day.

Smartlink promises high profits and automatic traffic management, which makes it a perfect choice for every marketer. The key is to use it in a right way. So, let’s find out how it all works and how you can apply it to your campaign.

If you want to know how to Earn Money with SmartLink, then you should first understand what is it. Speaking in a plain language, this tool is a URL and a number of offers that are linked to it.

Each time the visitor clicks, the mentioned URL directs him to the right offer. It may look like a simple rotation process, but it is not so. In this case the offers are being chosen not by the algorithm that you’ve set earlier.

The selection process is based on embedded smart algorithms and deep learning, which helps the tool perfectly match your traffic with the appropriate offers.

How to Earn Money with SmartLink: understanding the learning process


If you want to make money on Affiliate Programs using SmartLink, it would be great to have a basic understanding of how it all works.

You already know that this tool is able to match your traffic with the appropriate offers, but how can you be sure it knows what kind of traffic you have? Is it possible that SmartLink will define it in a wrong way and send android users to some offer for PC users?

Fortunately, the mentioned scenario is not possible. And you don’t really need to know why it is so in terms of the guide “How to Earn Money with SmartLink”. The fact is that SmartLink already knows what your traffic is before sending it to any kind of offer. That’s why it is such a valuable tool for Traffic Arbitrage.

It’s obvious that people don’t like to use something they don’t understand, so let’s define some basic principles without any in depth researches. The whole thing is that Smartlink learns all the crucial parameters of your traffic in order to send it to the right offer then.

And it is the main reason why every one wants to know how to Earn Money with SmartLink. There is a number of parameters that a smart tool takes into consideration, including GEOs, demographics, OS and device type, users’ age and gender, language, connection type etc.

It processes all this data using internal algorithms in order to produce the best possible decision. Then the tool implements it.

How different SmartLinks can be?


There are several types of SmartLinks. Each one is aimed on a special traffic segment. If you ask how to Earn Money with SmartLink, the answer will be to choose a right one for the right traffic segment.

In case you work with CPA Networks that accept adult traffic, a Global SmartLink for adult traffic is a perfect choice for you. This tool is linked only to adult offers. At the same time, it works with all possible types of traffic.

The next option is a mainstream Global Smartlink. It is aimed on various offers from all over the world. The only ones it doesn’t use are adult offers. Again, it perfectly deals with all possible types of traffic. That’s another way how to Earn Money with SmartLink.

The last option is a vertical-oriented SmartLink. This one serves to match traffic and offers within a certain vertical. In case you know a specific audience is interested in a specific vertical, this tool will be the best to use. Such approach will give you positive result very soon.

Every affiliate wants to make high profits on Affiliate Programs. Now it’s much easier due to the SmartLink. Learn how to use it effectively for the best possible results. When you know how to Earn Money with SmartLink, it’s way easier to start applying this smart tool to your campaign.

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