How to get money from Traffic Arbitrage in 2022

Profit in Traffic Arbitrage is something all the affiliates want to have. No matter how successful you are, there is always a way to get more than you have. Still, it requires your time, efforts and a right approach to the issue. If you’re among the marketers who are willing to do their best, you’ll definitely earn more in the end.

In terms of improvement, higher CTR and new traffic is not everything you can do here. Right budgeting, networks selecting and dozens of other simple options are also able to increase your Profit in Traffic Arbitrage.

Even the slightest improvement may result in much better monthly earnings, especially if you’re delivering substantial amounts of traffic to CPA Networks on daily basis. So, what are the ways to earn more? Let’s take a closer look on them.

Profit in Traffic Arbitrage: searching for the right traffic

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It’s a crucial thing to find high-quality traffic sources, if you want to be successful in your niche. Profit in paid Traffic Arbitrage depends on many factors and right audience is one of them. To see which sources perform well and to cut off the waste ones you should use split testing.

That’s even more helpful when you have hundreds of sources. This way you’ll know which of them give you high quality traffic and leads. The other important thing here is a conversion and pixel tracking. It all will help you to get the best results from your affiliate campaigns.

Match your traffic with right offers

Selecting the best offers that are relevant to your audience is another step to increase Profit in Traffic Arbitrage. First, you should decide what networks you’ll be working with. Each type differs in terms of conversion flow and the payout model. The same traffic will perform in a different way with CPS and CPC, for example.

It’ll be a great idea to join several CPA networks and Affiliate programs, cause the same offer may deliver more earnings in one and less in the other. As for choosing good offers, you shouldn’t consider only the level of payouts.

The more important thing is how good it is with the traffic you have. It’s barely possible to receive substantial Profit in Traffic Arbitrage without this.

Profit in Traffic Arbitrage: using high-quality landing pages

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To get the highest earnings working with various Affiliate Programs, it is crucial to use high quality landing pages. The fact is that networks and advertisers are not always able to provide you with such landing pages. It means you have to spend you time and efforts to create an appropriate one on your own.

Even if the page you got from your network is OK, there is always a room for improvement to receive more Profit in Traffic Arbitrage. You know your audience and the ways to hook them, so a high-quality landing page is a perfect tool to reach better CTR and conversion rate.

Don’t spend too much when you start

Your campaign won’t deliver positive results just after the launch in most cases. A good amount of optimization work, efforts and time will be required to make it profitable. So, it’s a very bad idea to spend a lot of money on daily basis at this time period.

If you want to get Profit in Traffic Arbitrage, then start with low daily ad spends not to burn out your budget just after the launch. Don’t rush, study how your campaign may perform, the data you have, your traffic etc. Scale up only when sure you’re going in the right direction.

Profit in Traffic Arbitrage: use retargeting

Not all the site visitors click on ads, even if they’re interested in the things you promote. Not to lose these potential customers you should use retargeting. It is a great way to increase profit in paid Traffic Arbitrage.

A tracking pixel on the website allows you to show ads to these visitors via other sites. Moreover, you already know that they’re familiar with your niche and they’re interested in the things you promote. It all results in better CTR and more conversions in the end.

Split-testing is your key to high profit

Your ad copy, including all the content you use, is a key to hook the visitors and make them click. It all means that you have to choose right images, text, CTA and language to get high profit in Traffic Arbitrage.

Split-testing is a perfect tool to reach this goal. It allows you to find out which version of the ad copy performs best. When testing, change only one element to understand what makes it all work better.



Affiliate Marketing is a competitive sphere, so you always have to be better than other marketers.

Work smarter, apply relevant efforts, choose a right niche, find high-quality traffic, use testing – it all will lead to high profit in paid Traffic Arbitrage and more dollars in your pocket.

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