How to Make and Test Prelanders

How to Make and Test Prelanders – that’s the question many affiliates ask when they’ve decided to use ones for their campaigns. The first thing to mention is that every prelander has a list of essential elements.

First, it should have a brief and simple headline. Second, use right images that will be able to hook the visitors. Third, prelanders should contain good-quality content.

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It has to be relevant to the GEOs you target (language and other specifics). The last tip how to Make and Test Prelanders says you should have a strong and noticeable CTA (call to action).

It’s a rather simple task to put all these elements together using HTML. If you don’t have the appropriate skills, a good idea will be to use a special online tool for landing pages building.

There is also one more way to solve the issue: just use prelanders, which are provided by your network. If you’ve decided to do so, be aware that these ones are good only with certain offers they were made for.

Some more tips how to Make and Test Prelanders

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Now let’s talk about setting up your prelanders. Start with creating one using the mentioned approaches. Choose a good hosting service to host the prelander.

Also, make it load faster with a special content-delivery network. Then, it’s time for integration with tracking software. The one thing you should definitely be sure about is: whether the link to the destination page is clickable.

At last, add the URL of your prelander to the traffic source and remove the tracking URL.

Making it load fast

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Loading speed optimization is one more tip how to Make and Test Prelanders in a right way. Here are the steps you should follow to reach this Affiliate Marketing goal:

1. Don’t use big images when it’s possible. They slow your page a lot.

2. Cut off the unnecessary JavaScript. It’s often added by software solutions you use.

3. Choose all styles and place them to the main file.

4. For images, you can convert text into HTML. It will boost the loading speed in most cases.

Testing is your everything

All affiliates want to know how to Make and Test Prelanders to get high profits in the end. Let’s move to the second part of the issue. If you deal with Traffic Arbitrage, testing is something you should do on a regular basis.

This approach helps you to find out what works best. While testing, don’t be too scattered between various options. Choose two and try to understand which delivers higher profits.

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There are various things you can test. Website main image, angles, background, CTA parameters, translation variants, interactive elements – you can change all this to reach the best results for your prelander. As for some smaller changes, you can test several ones together.

Good prelanders are able to dramatically increase the conversion rate in most cases. However, direct-linking sometimes brings higher profits. This is also an interesting thing for testing.

Some CPA Networks and Affiliate programs that have prelanders on their offers.

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