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Mobile pin submits is one of the most promising verticals in the mobile sphere. It won’t bring you millions of dollars, but decent profit and rather simple conversion flow is something you can get here. All that makes it very tempting to work in this area.


As you can understand, the conversion is valid here when users will actually subscribe on services being promoted. It all works similar to pay per install. There are to ways users can do it, which are called “MO” and “MT”.


Mobile pin submits affiliate marketing

affiliate program

MO stands for mobile origination. In this case users have to send SMS to confirm their subscription. In turn, MT means message is terminated. If you use such scenario, users have to insert a special code they’ve received via SMS. The second way is better for Traffic Arbitrage (including Incentive Traffic), cause there is no need to send any message. It means users don’t have to spend their money on it. Still, the conversion flow is very simple in both cases.

affiliate program


Mobile pin submits work best in such areas as adult, dating and lotteries. As for GEOs, there are three groups that have a different potential in this sphere:


  1. The USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.


  1. Latin America counties, New Zealand, Hong Kong and South Africa.


  1. Eastern and Western Europe, Kenya.


One of the most promising Affiliate Marketing programs in the mobile sphere is CPA Network WhiteMobi. Lets take a close look on it.


How to work with CPA Network WhiteMobi


WhiteMobi gives you a wide range of tools to work with mobile pin submits. First, it offers you a mobile locker, which gives you the ability to limit access to the content. This scheme is often used on pay per install basis.


The second tool available is a Smartlink. It will help you to match your traffic with the appropriate offers to receive the highest profit possible. The third tool is AppWall, which works like a kind of soft content locker.

affiliate program

WhiteMobi has more than 1600 offers of mobile pin submits and other categories.

affiliate program affiliate program affiliate program affiliate program affiliate program

The average bidding rate is $4-$6, while the maximum one reaches $20.


The minimum withdrawal sum is $100 here. You can get your money using Webmoney, Payoneer or PayPal.



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