Auto Insurance Offers: how to make money

Auto Insurance Offers are showing a significant growth now. They belong to the lucrative part of the market, which can deliver you thousands and tens thousands of dollars.

There are millions of car owners around the world, so your audience is almost unlimited. Whether you’re fond of cars or not, this niche is worth your efforts.

The following Traffic Arbitrage Guide will give you all the essential info about the mentioned Affiliate Marketing sphere and show you a couple of helpful tips how to get right traffic, grow fast and reach higher conversion rate for Auto Insurance Offers.

Also, it’ll reveal a couple of useful ideas concerning targeting, landing pages and angles.

How can you earn money on Auto Insurance Offers?

This is mostly about what is your conversion point. So, what should your visitors do to bring you conversions? There are two possible options here.

First, you can pick offers that will pay you for submissions. Each conversion will deliver around $5. Such Auto Insurance Offers don’t award you with insane payouts, but the conversion flow is rather easy.

The second option is when your visitors have to fill a special form, so that you receive a conversion. This time you’ll get around $10 for each one. The highest possible reward is about $15 in most cases. As you can see, potential profit is way higher here, but the flow is also more complicated.

Now the question is what kind of Auto Insurance Offers are better to choose to start your affiliate campaign. This Traffic Arbitrage Guide has a perfect answer for you. Use split testing to be 100% sure.

Sometimes you’ll earn more on lower payouts, but with more traffic. In the other case the situation will be quite opposite. Just teat everything and get the appropriate answer for offers being chosen.

What’s important to know about Auto Insurance Offers?


Every niche has its own requirements concerning traffic, targeting, volumes etc. Here is what you need to know about Auto Insurance Offers:

1. GEO-based division is crucial here. You should definitely use the names of regions/states/countries in ads to show the users you’re offering something specially for them. Such a local approach will help you get more conversions in the end.

2. One more essential thing is the quality of your leads. If you want to make money online with in sphere, you definitely have to care about this. Talking about Auto Insurance Offers, they don’t work good with low quality ones and there is a high possibility to be banned in this case.

3. Demographics is also something to care about. As you can guess, it’s no use to target young people under 21. Moreover, it’ll be wise to set up 23 as the lowest possible age for targeting.

The last point here is that there are a lot of lucrative offers at CPA Networks in this sphere. It gives you real freedom of choice. When you have many Auto Insurance Offers you can try to work with, then there is a higher possibility to pick one, which will deliver the best possible profit.

Where can you get traffic for Auto Insurance Offers?

This Traffic Arbitrage Guide will give you several options to choose from. You can whether pick one or try to mix them in any ratio. The idea is to get high volumes of quality traffic with the lowest possible efforts and/or expenditures.

One of the ways to get traffic for Auto Insurance Offers is simply to buy it. You can use PPV approach for this, which promises to be more than effective. At the same time, the competition is really high, so you have to be ready to for this and for high bids. Also, you’ll surely require quality angles for PPV.

Another possible approach is media buying. You can choose two options here:

1. Buy from networks. It’ll supply you with high volumes for Auto Insurance Offers. At the same time, you can’t be very precise in your targeting and negotiate too much about price and other conditions.

2. Buy from individual sites and forums. There are many ones on the web that are specialized in cars and related stuff, which are selling their ad space. Such sites can bring you really great ROI. Just remember a few things.


First, you have to contact a good many of these sites and choose several that will make you decent money with Auto Insurance Offers. Second, you should have quality and catchy ads. At last, make sure you’re targeting right GEOs.

Facebook traffic for Auto Insurance Offers


The world’s largest social network is a perfect source of traffic, cause the audience is really unlimited and you can get as many leads as your marketing skills allow to.

There are several things to care about when trying to obtain Facebook traffic for Auto Insurance Offers. One of them is right targeting. In terms of this, you should have different ads for different age groups, which is obvious, cause they’re interested in quite different cars.

It’ll also be wise to target separately men and women. The reason for this is the same. At last, GEO- based division is crucial here too.

Trying to obtain traffic on Facebook you should also use appropriate keywords. It’s something that will help you get right users and make more money on Auto Insurance Offers. Moreover, it’ll significantly increase your volumes.

Where to buy traffic – list of brokers:

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Auto Insurance Offers and landing pages


It’s a common question for marketers whether to use direct linking or landing pages. The answer is pretty the same almost each time: landing pages do work, but direct linking might be better.

It all depends, so a split testing is required to get the right answer in every single case. If you want to earn more on Auto Insurance Offers, then create a quality landing page and start your own one.

Talking about landing pages, this Paid Traffic Arbitrage Guide will give you some tips how to increase their quality and how to make them more interesting and catchy for users. First, you should have unique and engaging images.

Popular models, modern concepts and extraordinary cars will work best for your purpose. Your sales copy is also something that will help you earn more on Auto Insurance Offers.

Make sure you inform your visitors about financial benefits and the ways they can save their money. Prove it with graphs and charts to make your arguments stronger. You can also ad some valuable info concerning topic-related news.

CPA Networks wit auto insurance offers:

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