Payday loans affiliate program Zero Parallel review

Payday loans affiliate program Zero parallel review will help you find out which benefits it has, how to work with the network and how much you can earn here. Zero parallel is probably the best choice in 2022 for any publisher or affiliate, who works in the sphere of financial marketing.

Why it is so? First, the network works only with financial offers. It means they’re not scattered between many spheres and are able to deliver the best possible tools to work with. Second, they have a lot of lending business partners.

Payday loans affiliate program Zero parallel review will help you understand how you can use all these advantages and earn substantial money on it.


The opportunities are almost unlimited here. With the payouts level from $2 to $220 per lead, it all depends only on your ability to manage your budget in a right way and to deliver high-quality traffic.

What does it mean? To make money on payday offers, when you starting Affiliate campaign, your expenditures should be lower than the payouts you receive. Payday loans affiliate program Zero parallel review will tell you how to reach that and what tools to use.

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You should also consider that there is a fierce competition in this marketing sphere. Don’t expect standard PPC methods to work here. At the same time, it’ll be wise to try something like creating a resource website or media buying. These ones will surely be effective with payday loans.

affiliate programs

A very important thing is that Zero parallel gives you all the appropriate tools to use the mentioned methods effectively and to get the high-quality traffic in order to deliver the appropriate leads to the network. Payday loans affiliate program Zero parallel review is your key to all this. It is aimed to explain how to use the info you have in a right way.


Zero parallel will give you much more tools for your Affiliate Campaign than any other network. It all includes javascript forms, landing pages, feeds, banners, forms etc. This should help you to deliver the best leads to the network. The idea is that you have instruments to analyze the data you have and to improve the methods you use on this basis.

Now let’s move to the lead generation part in the payday loans affiliate program Zero parallel review. If you’ll understand the whole process, you’ll definitely know how to improve the CTR and Conversion of your affiliate campaign.

Actually, there are three steps, which will lead you to your award. First, you send the leads you have to Zero parallel. Second, the system analyzes the data being received and evaluates the lead quality. Third, it sells these leads to lending business partners.

If we talk about the ways to send lead data to the network, this payday loans affiliate program Zero parallel review will offer you the following options:

1. Use banners. Here you can find a great choice of such ad creatives of various design and shape.

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2. Affiliate links and landing page. The appropriate link sends the visitors to the landing page, which is hosted by the network.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

3. Javascript form. It’s an easy to customize form, which will look like the natural part of your site. Using it you can deliver leads to Zero parallel, while leaving visitors on your own site.

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4. Private feed. These methods give you ability to download a template form or a pre-made landing page, which is easy to add to your website. In this case the visitors also won’t leave it during the conversion process.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

5. Public form. This method is good when you know you have the right audience, which is interested in the things you’re promoting. The idea is to just send the leads directly to the lead generation form.

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Here is the list of direct advertisers and CPA Networks with financial offers for various countries.

Take a look to choose the best one for you.


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Make money and enjoy your life.


The minimum withdrawal threshold is $100 here. Initially, you can get your earnings twice a month. However, if you have good volumes and deliver high-quality leads, you can ask for weekly payments.

The available payment systems are Webmoney, PayPal, ACH (starting from $1000) and Wire Transfer.

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