Content Locking Marketing

Content Locking Marketing is a way for you to monetize the traffic by restricting access to the part of website content. It all works in a very simple way: the visitors come to the site to get some free movies, music, pictures, books etc. When they click download button, a special window occurs. It will say that a certain action is required to get access to the desired content. If you work with CPA Networks, it might be app install, for example.

Many types of Web info will perfectly suit Content Locking Marketing, including such of them as video materials, audio, books, educational materials and pictures. As you understand, it could be anything that has a value for your visitors. This is the main criterion, but also people should know you have something interesting for them. You can use social networks, forums, blogs etc to reach that goal. So, how efficient it all can be and what steps are required to implement this website monetization model?

The benefits of Content Locking Marketing

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When you restrict access to content using such method, you turn the traffic into incentivized one. The truth is that most advertisers won’t work with it. The idea is that the visitors are interested only in the website content and commit the required action to get it, but not because they’re interested in the product being advertised.

Still, even the incentive traffic may deliver certain benefits. First, it is a great way to increase the rank of any app in the store. Content Locking Marketing is also a perfect tool to promote any new brand. When you ask the visitors to commit a certain action to get the content, they click and go directly to the advertiser’s page.

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Even if they don’t buy anything, they’ll be aware that there is a new player in the market, which is capable to offer interesting products or services. Moreover, in case the things the advertiser sells are relevant to the website content, there is a good chance that the visitors will become real customers.

How to start in Content Locking Marketing?

Content Locking Marketing is not something that you should implement fast. To tell the truth, if you rush, it’ll definitely have a harmful effect in terms of online moneymaking. In case you just block access to all of your content, your audience will surely leave you forever.

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To get the revenue from cooperation with Affiliate Networks without any harm to your website, you should do everything slowly, step by step. As for tools you can use, there are plenty of them to try.

Content Locking Marketing sphere can offer various lockers, that allow you to customize the whole process. It includes the message, CSS markup, time period before the locker appears etc. At the same time, such solutions also have a number of pre-made models that you can use.

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