How to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing

How to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing and what strategy is the most effective? That’s something you should definitely know if you buy traffic for your affiliate campaign.

There are several approaches to bidding you can use. Each of them has pros and cons. Moreover, all they work in a different way depending on the affiliate program you choose. So, your main goal is to find a balanced approach that will deliver you right traffic in any situation.

You surely want to find out how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing, but first you have to learn several things about bidding itself. When you understand how it all works, it’ll be much easier to select a good strategy, which will make you decent money. So, let’s look a bit closer on the whole issue.

How to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing: bidding tips

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A wise approach to bidding is an essential thing if you want to earn good money with paid traffic arbitrage. When you’ll take it into consideration, you’ll have a way better understanding of how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing.

Your goal is to get right traffic to send it then to the best matching offers and bidding is your tool to reach that. There are several approaches you can use here. The first one is to bid low. In this case budget expenditures will be small, but the volumes will also be so.

The second variant is to bid high. Using such approach you’ll receive high volumes. At the same time, your expenditures will be high too. In most cases, the best option is balancing between these two margins.

To get to know how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing and make money on it, you should also consider the following:

1. The budget you have has a direct influence on the number of possible clicks per day and per month.

2. Keyword bid shows what is the biggest price that can be payed for a click. But it’s only your maximum. The actual sum of money that you pay for click might be way smaller.

3. It’s an essential thing to review your bids and change them from time to time. It all depends on the performance you get and the profit you receive.

If we talk about how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing, bidding landscape is one more important thing here. It helps you to see what are the possible amounts of clicks and impressions for a certain keyword in order to change your bidding strategy in appropriate way.

Note that it will work only when you have enough data to see the whole landscape.

Bidding strategies for Paid traffic

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The first approach you can use is to bid high and to lower bids after some time. It will give you several privileges. The main one is volumes, of course. This is the way how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing, which delivers you tons of traffic for your affiliate campaign.

The mentioned approach also has some other advantages. One of them is a quality of traffic that is significantly higher than when you bid low. The other advantage is access to better placements. At last, if you bid high, your ads will be shown to visitors way sooner.

The second method is to bid low first and then raise the bids gradually. The idea is to start earning and only then work with higher volumes. This approach will tell you how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing even if your budget is rather small. It often happens that low bidding leads to bad quality of traffic.

Still, it’s not always like that. Actually, it depends on your ability to detect and cut bad placements. They are very cheap but the traffic they deliver is a waste one. It has no value for your affiliate campaign, so it’s a compulsory thing to block such placements not to lose money. You should constantly monitor your traffic to detect and cut them.

There is one useful tip how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing and get quality one even with low bidding. High bidders usually have limited impression CAPs, so there is always some good traffic left unsold.

That’s where you can get what you want for small money. As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities to earn even with low bids. And when your affiliate campaign is profitable, you can start to raise the bids gradually to increase your volumes and get bigger revenue.

Paid traffic optimization strategies

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Trying to find out how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing you’ll have to take into consideration the following:

1. You’ll have to choose between direct placements and run of affiliate program approach.

2. Your new bids are calculated at different times by different sources of traffic.

3. You should choose between CPM and CPC bidding models.

To make money online in 2020 you’ll have to use various CPC optimization strategies. There are two main ones. The first one is quite standard. You just set the required parameters for keyword bids and your ad group and they’re used constantly.

This way how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing is simple but not the most effective. The second approach is a bit more advanced. You also set the essential parameters, but they can be changed automatically to reach the best possible results.

You’ll bid higher where the potential conversion rate is higher and you’ll bid lower where conversion is barely possible. (Read about How to improve the CTR and conversion rate). This mechanism will help you to spend less budget and earn more in the end.

What has the biggest influence on the actual price you pay for clicks?

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An important tip how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing is not to overpay for clicks. There are several things that can influence the final price for click:

1. The amount you’re bidding on certain placement or keyword. It sets the price ceiling, which limits your expenditures. It would be a great idea to learn more about PPC bidding to set everything in a right way.

2. Incremental bids are good to target the users by various criteria, but they also may increase the price you have to pay for other you bids.

The main tip how to work with paid traffic in affiliate marketing and earn good money on traffic arbitrage is to develop an optimal bidding strategy that will help you reach high ranking and not to overpay at the same time. To do everything right you should monitor your campaign and optimize it when needed.

Also, use special tools, which allow you to make optimal bids. One more tool that will help you here is a bidding landscape. If you follow all these tips, you’ll get quality traffic for a reasonable price.

Where you can buy paid traffic to make money:

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  • – adult: popunder, native ads, push notifications
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  • – mainstream and adult: push notifications, in-page, pop-up
  • – adult: popunder, banners, video ads
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