SOI and DOI leadgen offers in 2021

Leadgen offers are probably the best ones for affiliates, if we speak about conversion terms. Every advertiser wants as many potential customers as possible and this is the way to deliver them.

You don’t have to sell anything here, so that’s not a complicated thing. When working with affiliate programs on lead generation basis, you can try SOI and DOI offers to make money online in 2022.

Their difference is in the conversion flow. The first one requires only one step like giving an email or a short registration, while the second one presumes a confirmation as a second step.

In this case the visitors have to enter some security code or to click verification link. Only then the conversion will be valid. It’s obvious that SOI delivers more conversions than DOI, but the second one is more secure. There will be less fake registrations and it better matches anti-spam policy.

Why you should work with leadgen SOI and DOI offers?

The answer here is very simple: it’s probably the easiest area you can deal with. Leadgen offers presume you have to deliver a potential customer to the advertiser. The visitors have to give their email, click submit and that is it. If we compare it with other methods where an installation or even a payment is required, this one is the simplest.

There is another advantage here that really matters. There is a really high demand on leads among advertisers, so you’ll find tons of related offers in the market. Moreover, you can work directly with advertisers, which will give you better payouts and bigger profits in the end.

So, it would be a great idea to work with such kind of SOI and DOI offers on CPA Networks, no matter you’re an experienced affiliate or a newbie.

How it all works?

The main idea of leadgen offers is to get the visitors’ agreement to receive ads from advertisers. Your task here is only to deliver them and that will be your conversion. And that’s not very complicated considering that the visitors don’t have to pay for anything.

Nevertheless, you have to “hook” your audience and the best idea is to offer them something valuable. It might be the following:

1. A chance to receive a prize (works best with the stuff from popular brands).

2. A Possibility to get something for free (like a discount coupon).

3. Limited free membership (but you have to pay to get full access) etc.

There are dozens of possible variants for SOI and DOI offers. Every business is interested in new leads and it will try to bait the visitors in its own way. Banks, insurance companies, travel agencies – all they will give you “a special offer” to catch your attention and to receive the consent for further promotion.

You got a conversion, but what happens then?

After visitors give their email, they’ll automatically get a message or a series of messages from advertiser. For SOI and DOI offers it will be different. In the first case it is simply a “welcome” message, while in the second one there will be a confirmation link.

As you understand, advertisers want to sell some goods and services to the visitors, and they usually start doing this right from the mentioned two messages. Every lead is a potential customer, so advertisers try to sell their products first. If it doesn’t work, they’ll attempt to do that with the other companies’ goods and services. It’s a common practice, cause such companies are partners.

There is a couple of ways for advertisers to monetize the leads they’ve received from affiliates. The first is a direct sell. Then comes paid membership, which means customers will be charged every month and they’ll get some content or privileges in turn.

The other way to monetize leads is to re-sell them to other advertisers. It doesn’t promise big money, but it’s still profit. Sometimes companies promote products of other advertisers.

The mentioned lead re-selling has one more form. It’s when the visitors are being registered on various platforms, while giving their email only in one place. In this case leads are re-sold immediately and the visitors will receive several confirmation messages. Though, it doesn’t seem to be something promising for advertisers.

Getting so many letters on email might be annoying for the visitors, moreover most of the messages might be considered as spam. As you now see, leads are very valuable for advertisers, so it will be a good idea to work with SOI and DOI offers.

And do you need leads for yourself?

Leadgen offers are good not only for affiliates who deliver potential customers to advertisers. You can use these leads in another way. If you have your own site and some goods or services to offer your visitors, it will be a perfect way to make high profit on it.

First, make sure you have something valuable for your visitors that they really need. If it is so, it won’t be a problem to get their emails and turn them into potential customers. Then you should find the right way to promote your product and many of your visitors will buy it in the end.

There is a couple of things you should remember when working with such business model with traffic arbitrage:

1. No matter what you offer your visitors, it should be a high quality product. Give them some crap and they’ll leave. Don’t try to fool your potential customers, cause you’ll be a fool in the end. On the other hand, if you offer a valuable thing, they’ll return to make more purchases later.

2. Right information is a key to your success. People want to know what they’re going to buy. Tell them about it and they’ll trust you. The best tool for this is a good and truthful review, which will highlight all the advantages and also show possible disadvantages. If people understand what they’re buying, they’ll always be satisfied with the purchase.

3. Work in the area you know best. The visitors want only reliable info from an expert, but not from a newbie. Be sure you understand what you’re talking about, otherwise no one will believe the thing you’re promoting is really good.

SOI and DOI offers form a very important part of affiliate marketing. It is perfect for both newbies and experienced affiliates. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try it too.

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