When to stop Affiliate Campaign

When to stop Affiliate Campaign and start a new one? It’s more than essential thing to catch the moment when there is no other possibility than to cut it and try something else. But how to see that the right time has come and there is no hope for improvement and future growth?

Well, there are several signs, which will show you that it’s no use to pour more money in this part of your business. Let’s now take a closer look on the whole thing, so that you exactly know when to stop Affiliate Campaign. This guide will definitely help you with this.

When to stop Affiliate Campaign: selecting the offers to cut

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When you work with any CPA Network, you pick certain offers, hoping they’ll make you a lot of money. However, sometimes they can’t do that. To prevent future losses you’ll have to cut them and choose new ones. There are several things to note here:

1. Trying to find out when to stop Affiliate Campaign don’t judge the offer by one network. Always do split-testing. If it all doesn’t work with one, it doesn’t mean the same will be with all other networks.

2. One of the signs that show it’s time to kill the offer is that it, together with a certain angle, didn’t manage to bring conversion, while the traffic was 4x to the level of payout. Note that these numbers are for desktop. If it’s about your offer, be sure you can cut it. But when to stop Affiliate Campaign, if you work with mobile? The principal is the same, but the deadline is 8x traffic to the level of payout without conversion.

3. If the offer shows bad results as it was shown in the previous point, but you still think it may be lucrative, than try to apply several different angles to it. If nothing changes, kill the offer without any doubts.

4. You should receive enough conversions to be in profit and to have a hope for future growth. The other tip when to stop Affiliate Campaign says the offer has to be cut, in case you get only few conversions and nothing changes when you try it with new campaigns.

5. The same offer doesn’t work the same with all the affiliates. Other ones may have different budget, traffic sources, experience etc. If someone makes good money with this offer, it doesn’t always mean you can do the same. Being wise marketer means to understand when to fight and when to move to the new point.

6. Before deciding when to stop Affiliate Campaign, you can try the offer in another GEO. Sometimes it works really good in online affiliate marketing.

Split-testing: how to pick the best offer for your Affiliate Campaign

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If all your offers doesn’t fall under the mentioned 4x and 8x criteria, it’s time to use other methods to select the right one. One of possible options is to use split test calculator.

Enter the number of clicks and conversions for each variant. Then choose “Calculate”. It all will show you the payout level, which will tell you when to stop Affiliate Campaign and which one to run further.

It might happen that all the contestants will show approximately the same results. In this case you’ll have to calculate EPCL which stands for Earnings per Click from the Lander.

There will be two numbers: the minimum and the maximum EPCL, which depends on minimum and maximum conversion rate. The general formula looks like that:

EPCL = conversion rate * payout * 0.01

The resulting rate will tell you when to stop Affiliate Campaign and do your Traffic Arbitrage more profitable. There are several cases when you should cut the offer:

1. Its maximum EPCL is lover than other’s minimum EPCL.

2. It has only few conversions and maximum EPCL is low.

A couple of general rules to follow before killing any Affiliate Campaign

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Here are some rules you have to follow not to make mistake:

1. It’s an essential thing to gather enough data. Don’t make any decision until you have all the info you need. You won’t ever know when to stop Affiliate Campaign with only 10 clicks. That’s not enough to make any accurate choice. Time also does matter here. Even if you have many clicks, give it some time before cutting or leaving.

2. Don’t use the principals that don’t work. It’s not wise to kill the campaign, start a new one and apply the same approaches, angles etc. That will be only a waste of time, money and efforts.

3. Don’t continue running the campaign after the results have shown it should be killed. If you exactly know when to stop Affiliate Campaign and CPA Traffic, then do it. There is only a tiny possibility that anything might change. In most cases you’ll just keep loosing money and wasting your time.

4. Don’t be stick too much to any campaign. Marketers apply a lot of efforts to their online business, so they often believe everything will be OK soon, even if it won’t. You should respect your job, but don’t try to rescue the ship that has sunk. Move further, build a new one and conquer the affiliate world.

Try to follow all the mentioned tips and you’ll always know when to stop Affiliate Campaign. It will help you not to lose money and to develop your online business way faster.

The reasons to stop Affiliate Campaign

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Again, there are several things to take into consideration here:

1. It’s a fact that most of your campaigns won’t be successful. A good amount of time and efforts is required before you’ll create something worthy. Don’t be afraid to cut the bad options on your way to money and success. And always start new ones and try some fresh approaches.

2. If you feel when to stop Affiliate Campaign, cause you know you won’t overcome competitors or cause your angles just don’t work, then do it. Don’t be stick to this loosing option. Pick a new one (may be new affiliate marketing niche) and move forward.

3. A bad ROI is a sign for you. If it’s about -30% after tons of testing and optimization work, don’t do this anymore. Just cut the campaign and move to a new one. There is almost no chance to fix anything here. You’ll mostly just waste your money and time.

4. There is one more case when to stop Affiliate Campaign. It sometimes happens that the campaign is profitable in general, but it doesn’t worth your efforts at all. You don’t need something that steels your time and brings you $3 a day.

The same thing may happen when you have several campaigns that are profitable, but one of them delivers extremely low income. At the same time, it eats a lot of time and efforts. In this case it’ll be wise to cut it and pay more attention to other ones, which is the last tip when to stop Affiliate Campaign.

A short conclusion

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We all search for a good affiliate program, launch campaign and hope to earn a lot of money. However, not every option leads to success. You should be able to send away bad ones in order to optimize your losses and to find something new.

Only this way you’ll be able to pick something really lucrative and get high profit. All that requires a man of strong decision, so be the one to make your business successful.

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