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Tracker tool for Traffic Arbitrage is an essential thing for campaign optimization. It’s something that helps you to get the highest possible profit in the niche you work in. The main idea is to understand how efficient your ads are and that’s what this tool is able to offer.

traffic arbitrage

There are many solutions for tracking in affiliate marketing you can find in the web. Still, not many of them meet the needs of marketers. Actually, it might be rather difficult to find a decent variant. Tracker tool for Traffic Arbitrage AdsBridge is definitely among these tools. Let’s find out why is it so good for affiliates and what benefits it’s able to offer.


AdsBridge Tracker tool for Traffic Arbitrage: main advantages


It’s a good idea to find some Affiliate program review before launching a campaign. The same thing is with tracking in affiliate marketing. You should know how good is it and only than start using the tool.

traffic arbitrage

It will help you to choose the best possible variant. If we talk about AdsBridge Tracker tool for Traffic Arbitrage, it has the following advantages:


  1. There is a free trial available, which you can use for 30 days. It’s a great opportunity to see how everything works before paying money for full subscription. You won’t lose money anyway, so this is a perfect solution for those, who don’t know what to choose.


  1. AdsBridge can be used for tracking in the mobile sphere. You’ll have a possibility to know how do your ads perform on mobile devices. People surf the Web mostly using smartphones and tablets, so such AdsBridge Tracker tool for Traffic Arbitrage function will help you to optimize your campaign in a right way.


  1. You can organize the campaigns you have into one group and see the general performance. It might be a very useful function, when you want to see the whole picture.

traffic arbitrage

traffic arbitrage

  1. You don’t have to install any programs. The solution is cloud-based, which is very comfortable when you have a stable internet connection.


Other functions


AdsBridge is an advanced Tracker tool for Traffic Arbitrage. It has an embedded algorithm that allows the system to automatically optimize your campaigns. The tool uses effective marketing strategies to maximize your revenue.


The other thing AdsBridge will offer you is a landing page builder. It’s a rather rare function for tracking solutions, which makes AdsBridge unique in some way. It gives you a great opportunity to see how your campaigns perform and then optimize them, and all this in one place.

traffic arbitrage

It will be fair to say that AdsBridge Tracker tool for Traffic Arbitrage is not an advanced solution in this area. Still, it allows you to do many small changes and big ones, sometimes. It’s enough in most cases, but if you need to make some substantial changes, you’ll have to use specialized tool. Anyway, it’s great to have such function in your tracking solution.


You can choose your business tariff from below ones.

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Also you can use the cost calculator.

traffic arbitrage


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