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Traffic Targeting is a crucial thing to understand if you want to work with paid traffic. Fortunately, it won’t be a complicated thing for you. Speaking in a plain language, this is how you choose the concrete type of traffic.

Why doing that? Well, because it’s not a great idea to show your affiliate program ads to everyone. Promoting PC Games for Mac OS users or sending French visitors to the page written in Spanish is just senseless. Moreover, it’s a waste of your budget.

What Traffic Targeting does, it gives you a choice what traffic to buy. So, now you can take what you need and that’s all with that? Not exactly. The problem is that networks usually allow you to pick only a big category without any further division. That’s why you have to choose between the available options.

What Traffic Targeting options do networks offer?

There is a wide range of criteria for targeting. Here are the most popular in the market:

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1. Device type. Every network gives you such option now. Mostly it’s about mobile or desktop. So, you’ll be able to select the type of device which your visitors should use.

2. GEO targeting. This is the most common option for networks and traffic arbitrage. It allows you to work with the traffic from the concrete country. There are also some networks that go even further and give you a possibility to select country regions. All that is the answer for you how to work with different tiers.

3. Apps, sites and placements. Two main approaches exist here. First is called white list, which means you choose placements and sites where your ads will be shown. The second one is completely opposite. It’s black list. This method presumes that you’ll select the sites and placements where you don’t want to see your ads.

4. Segments. This one is related to the previous. For example, such a big area as apps can be divided into many segments like utility apps, games, extensions etc. And you can choose them to target.

All the mentioned traffic targeting options are common for most available networks. Still, there are some specific ones that you can find only in some networks.

Traffic targeting options

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1. Connection type. This option emerged only few years ago. It allows you to receive traffic only from a particular connection type like 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or concrete mobile carrier.

2. Device model or brand. If you want to promote something only for iPhone 7 owners, Samsung users etc, it is the right option for you.

3. OS type. This one is pretty clear. Targeting is based on the operating system the visitors use. In most cases it’s Windows, Android and iOS, but it also can be Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS etc.

4. Browser type. Select it and your ads will be shown only to Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox users. The Browser choice depends on network.

5. IP range. If you know the exact IP range you need, you can target it. That’s good for very precise targeting.

6. Day and time based. Your ads will be shown during the days or day period you choose (like on Sundays or in the morning).

7. Users language. You can select the language of the browser your visitors should have. The problem here is that the users’ language of speaking doesn’t always match The OS language.

How to use all that?

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Traffic targeting allows you to find your own profitable niches. Try different variants of targeting and then analyze all the data you receive. In the end you’ll find out what traffic is the best for the things you’re going to promote.

No matter whether you’re going to run big affiliate campaign or trying to find niche profit, it’s an essential thing to master targeting. It’ll be a big advantage of yours.

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