How to fix Banner Blindness

How to fix Banner Blindness – that’s one of the crucial questions in Affiliate Marketing since 1997, when this notion was first established, till now, 2020. The problem itself is very common now.

Website visitors just ignore most of ad banners, which means no profit for the ones who set them. The statistics is also frustrating: up to 90% of the visitors pay no attention to any banner they see and only 1 of 1000 makes a click. It means the other 999 are lost impressions that promise absolutely no profit.

The truth is that you’ll never fully overcome Banner Blindness, but there is a couple of ways to significantly lower its effect. In turn, this will highly increase your conversion rate (Banner Ads CTR).

Banner Blindness: how to fix it using a few simple steps?

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There are three questions you should answer in terms of this issue:

  • How banners should look?
  • Where to place them?
  • Are they relevant?

If you manage to do that, you’ll definitely know how to fix Banner Blindness and receive high profits on ads.

How your banners look like?

Site Monetization requires substantial efforts from its owners, but sometimes they do more than they should and it harmfully effects the conversion rate. There is a common opinion that banners should be as vivid as possible with very bright colors.

In real life it would be more relevant to make the banners’ style resemble the style of other content on your website. They shouldn’t be alien to it, but they have to be a part of it.

Even simple banners that contain only text part in most cases work better that any acidly vivid pictures. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use images.

The thing is that they should look naturally on your website and catch the visitors’ attention in some other way. These pictures might be funny, informative, aesthetic etc.

Banner placement

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The other tip how to fix Banner Blindness and to monetize the site successfully is to choose the right placement for your banners. Market researches show some constant patterns of visitors’ behavior that you can use to reach this goal.

They’re the following:

1. Visitors more often click on banners that are a part of the content than on the ones, which are situated near the borders.

2. The ads work better when they’re placed above the fold of the page.

3. The way people look through the site is often similar to letter “F”. It means they first read the upper row, then the center one (it’s a bit shorter) and in the end they skim the left vertical of the website contents. Use that to allocate the site elements in a right way.

4. The visitors better click on banners, which are just near the fold of the page, but not in the upper side.

Use relevant ads

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Placing on website the ads that match your visitors’ interest is the third key to online moneymaking. Even the best Affiliate Program won’t give you any profit if you don’t offer your audience something valuable for them.

Again, the market statistics is frustrating. Less than 3% of banners really offer the visitors those products, that match their interest. It’s also important not to place to many banners on website. You’d better use less, but in a more efficient way.

If you wisely combine the mentioned tips how to fix Banner Blindness, it will be your key to higher CTR and will bring more conversions in the end.

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