How to use anti detect browser Gologin for multi-accounting to make money in 2022

A relatively young anti-detect browser, which entered the market at the end of 2019. During this short time, it was able to attract to its customer base, an impressive audience of over 100 thousand users. The browser is implemented at a fairly high quality level, which allows it not to concede to alternative products in this market.

It is impossible to solve any multaccounting task without an anti-detection browser. Paid traffic arbitrage, work with crypto, marketplaces, gambling, SMM and SEO nowadays require bypassing antifraud systems.


And, of course, the question arises – what anti-detection browser to choose, so as not to overpay for marketing, and the tool solves its problem?


At this point, the browser market is flooded with new products every month, so it’s almost impossible to test each one, especially when half of them are assembled in the same image from the plugins.

If you look at Gologin in 2022, it's much cheaper than the top solutions on the market, and seemed to offer almost identical functionality to work with.

The main purpose of the browser GoLogin, is the imitation of a browser fingerprint to bypass anti-fraud systems on various sites. The application interface creates isolated browser profiles with unique combinations of connection parameters and proxy servers. The browser has quite a few parameters for configuring such profiles.

If you look at Gologin in 2022, it's much cheaper than the top solutions on the market, and seemed to offer almost identical functionality to work with.

There is no need to understand each of them, when you create a new profile, the browser automatically sets unique connection parameters. All what you need to do is to think up a name and select a proxy.


The cherry on the cake of GoLogin – free proxies for some regions. The speed of the free proxies, quite satisfactory, but I would not recommend using them to maintain accounts in networks such as Facebook and Google, for the reason that for these purposes, the proxies must be unique.

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Once a profile is created, it will be accessible from the general list. Profile lists can be divided into separate folders, for easy sorting and management. Profiles can be edited, deleted, moved and shared with other users in the GoLogin network.

When you launch a profile, a browser window opens, with a unique connection fingerprint isolated from your work computer. Here you can do whatever you want without worrying about anonymity or security.

GoLogin can effectively manage all popular networks accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Instagram and others as well as Amazon, Ebay, PayPal and Qiwi accounts.

In practice, the scope of this anti-detection browser is not limited to specific site names, the browser works effectively to bypass anti-fraud systems of any complexity.

GoLogin browser profiles are based on the Orbita browser based on the Chromium engine.


Each profile is saved in the cloud and can be launched from any computer where your account has been authorized. The browser supports the WEB version, in which you can run a browser profile from your personal cabinet directly on the GoLogin website.

In general, you just need to choose the platform (under the OS you are working on), proxy, download cookies, and the rest will automatically pull up.


The main difference between the rates, is the limitation on the number of created profiles that can be stored, at the same time, on the cloud server GoLogin. Also, of the restrictions, there are limits on the number of accounts and concurrently running profiles.

If you look at Gologin in 2022, it’s much cheaper than the top solutions on the market, and seemed to offer almost identical functionality to work with.


But as it turns out, there are a few pleasant surprises waiting for us:

  • An unlimited free plan that includes 3 profiles;
  • Free proxies for secure anonymous surfing and registrations on sites with simple anti-fraud systems;
  • Access to your account and launch profiles from any browser, without the need to install the app on your device;
  • Android application to work from mobile devices.

Pleasantly surprised by such features as changing the fingerprinting profile in one click, the possibility of teamwork, anonymous storage of profiles in the cloud.


By the way, human input emulation, mass proxy import, CookieBot, captcha input and Client Rects masking were implemented in early February.

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Among the interesting features is the option to run the profile in the cloud – in fact, running the profile in the regular browser, rather than in Orbita by Gologin.


In the API we found:

  • npm package;
  • Selenium support;
  • Python library.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the browser has access to the API at any rate, so there will be no problems with integrating it with other services. Developers are accepting requests to implement ideas for automating your tasks.

They are integrated with many neural networks to achieve any automation goals. There is an API library and help center with all relevant articles on how to work with the product.


The pricing policy of GoLogin Anti-Detect Browser looks good compared to the competition. There are 3 subscription options to choose from.

  • Professional for $49 for a month;
  • For Business for $99 a month;
  • Maximum for $199 for a month.

The main difference between the tariffs, is the limitation on the number of created profiles.

GoLogin Anti-Detect Browser is capable of solving any problem in the field of dropshipping, social networks and multi-accounting in general. It is necessary to take and disassemble specifically for your tasks, thanks to the trial allows you to do this and evaluate the possibilities without restrictions.

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