Pay per Download Marketing

Pay per Download Marketing is probably the best way to earn good money online, in case you aren’t able to invest decent money in the business. All you need here is to be creative and share the products you possess with other web users.

So, is it really possible to make good money without investments? The answer is “Yes”, if you use the right marketing approaches. You should also find some quality PPD CPA Networks that have lucrative affiliate programs, cause it’ll be the source of your income.

As an affiliate, you’re probably wondering how Pay per Download Marketing works, what is required to start an affiliate campaign, how fast is it possible to earn some money etc. Let’s take a closer look on the whole issue to find the answers to all the mentioned questions.

Introduction to Pay per Download Marketing

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Affiliates often work with different intermediaries to be able to earn good money online. This case isn’t an exception. You have to work with PPD Networks and their PPD affiliate programs. They’re the ones, who’ll pay you money.

Why do you need them? Well, Pay per Download Marketing presumes you’ll share some data with web users. It can be videos, music, PDFs etc. These networks are required to host the files and to negotiate with advertisers. It means that delivering quality content is everything you should think of.

Talking about payouts, you’ll be rewarded every time your file is downloaded. PPD Affiliate Programs have product list where your content will be added. Note that there is a number of rules concerning the files you upload. Read them before starting to work on Pay per Download Marketing basis with any affiliate CPA network.

How does it all work in this marketing sphere?

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There are to things you’ll require to start making money online this way. First, you need to have quality content that you want to share with web users. Second, you have to sign up with one of PPD affiliate programs. It’s obvious that choosing a trustworthy one is a crucial thing.

Since you’ve signed up, it’s time to upload the files you want to share. Pay per Download Marketing works in the following way: users click on CTA on the landing page. Then they’re directed to the site where they can download files they’re interested in.

Usually, it’s a compulsory thing for them to fill a certain form or to sign up before they get access to the content. At the same time, there are some networks, which allow to download files without doing this.

You can earn a really good amount of money as an affiliate with Pay per Download Marketing. It’s possible to get up to $10 and even more for each download that requires a sign up or filling a form.

As you can understand, if users get access without committing any actions, the level of payouts will be way lower. You can expect to receive from several tens of cents to $1 for every download in this case.

Pay per Download websites

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These are the ones that pay you money for each download. If you want to receive profit with Pay per Download Marketing, you have to upload the content to such websites, which can be anything that has a certain value for users, including photos, videos, e-books, PDFs, music etc.

Note that everything should be unique and owned or created by you. You can’t just upload a popular movie or TV show. It won’t be legitimate.

As the content is in the database, it’ll be available for web users. Every download will bring you a certain reward. Pay per Download Marketing is a very lucrative sphere for every Affiliate.

At the same time, you should stay away from fraud websites that just want your content and won’t pay money for that. Make sure you’ve checked the network you’re going to work with before uploading anything to their database.

As you know now, you are paid for downloads. Still, there is one more thing you should be aware of. It’s about conversion flow from CPA traffic. The visitors’ way to the final action is not always the same in Pay per Download Marketing. There are two possible options here.

The first one is when a sign up is required or a certain form should be filled. The second one doesn’t presume any compulsory action that users have to commit.

Why is Pay per Download approach so effective?

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Every method has its advantage and disadvantages. Let’s find out what are the main reasons for choosing PPD approach:

1. You don’t have to invest money. It’s possible to earn really decent money on Pay per Download Marketing without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your campaign. All you need is good content.

2. There won’t be any problems with the networks’ approval. Everything is way easier if we compare it to CPA networks. In most cases you’ll be approved automatically.

3. It’s really easy to start. You don’t have to care about dozens of complicated things, including budgeting, buying traffic, choosing ads etc. Just create valuable content and earn money on it. That’s probably the best thing about Pay per Download Marketing.

4. The sphere is very lucrative. Sometimes you’ll get more than $10 for a single download. With even hundreds of downloads per month it can deliver really high profit.

A few more words about PPD Marketing

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If we sum it up, the sphere is more than promising. If you don’t have money for initial investments, it’s probably the best choice for you. Here are some more things you should take into consideration concerning Pay per Download Marketing:

1. Make sure the network accepts the content you’re offering. Actually, it’s the first step you should do.

2. Constantly monitor how successful your content is.

3. If any problem occurs, you can contact support team. They’ll definitely help you with the issue. Don’t forget that the network also makes money this way.

List of PPD affiliate programs you should use to earn money:

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